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want people to know about me, Christopher. Well let me start off by saying that i’m a pretty nice fellow. Maybe not all the
time but mostly. I have alot of friends, some i have’nttalked to in months. I’m like that
sometimes though. That’s one thing i noticed about myself, that i get tired of people after
a certain amount of time.I’m not really sure if that is because that particular person is just
annoying or if i’m like my mother to a certain extent and just don’t like people. That can’t
be it though. She’s a little to much like a Hermit.

There’s days when i am a Social Butterfly. Talking to anybody and everybody.
Even people i dislike on a regular basis. These are the days when i feel completely
invincible. Like no one can withstand my sort of prowlness for a conversation. It’s like
everyone i see, I see as a close friend or someone who needs someone to talk
to.Everything seems funny, like in a comical sort of way. These are the really cool days.

Then of coarse theres the other days. The days when everyone seems to be playing
double-dutch with my last nerve. These are the days when the slightest imperfection can
send me into a wrath that can make me new enemies. These are ythe days when i don’t
want to do anything. I just want to be left alone. Don’t call me, write me or speak my
name. That’s the way i feel.These days suck. Even when i try to cheer my self up, i seem
to get more pissed off. This i know i get from my mother.
All in all though i am a pretty cheerful guy. I enjoy life. I believe life is what you
make it. All i try to do is make each day count as if it’s my last.

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