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This is the era of technology. People want to
do things conveniently. And that is true about buying as well. According to
Techcrunch, 79% of US citizens buy from online stores. In a 2017 Total Retail
Survey done by PWC, 71% of Chinese prefer to buy toys online, 37% of global
buyers prefer to buy cosmetics online, and 60% of global buyers purchase games,
movies and books online. You can see how important it is to have an online
store for today’s businesses. Unfortunately, half of businesses still don’t
have a website to promote and sell their products or services. Below are 7
reasons why every small business should have a website.

1. Credibility

Nowadays, an increasing number of customers
search for their desired products or services online. With a website, your
business can gain higher credibility. If you don’t have one, you may lose many
of your potential customers to your competitors. Having a website is not enough
for gaining credibility. The website design should be
professional and appealing, which is more important if you have a home-based
small business.

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2. Cost

You may be thinking that launching a business
website is a big investment and your business can’t afford it, but this is not
true. The truth of the matter is that once your site is up and running, it
won’t cost you more than $100 a month. It may even cost as low as $20 in the
start. With a budget this small, you can reach a lot bigger audience than an
expensive newspaper ad. In fact, a website is the cheapest means of promoting
your business.

3. Provision
of information

Your website will work like a catalogue or
brochure offering important information to your clients or customers. It’s a
lot easier to update a website to add information about your latest products
and services. On the other hand, the traditional print material costs a lot
more time and money to achieve the same purpose. With a website, you can inform
your customers about your new arrivals within a few minutes.

4. Accessibility

Unlike a brochure or catalogue, a website is
always available offering the convenience of browsing through all of your
products or services even when your store is closed. This is an ideal selling
point in today’s busy lifestyle.

5. Reach

Apart from your physical store, your website
will act like a parallel business point where buyers from all over the world
can check out what you offer. A website with appealing web design is an ideal
place for showcasing your products to the whole world. With online presence,
you can target a much bigger market.

6. Portfolio

Irrespective of the type of products or
services you offer, a website provides a great means to showcase your work. You
can include your image gallery, portfolio and testimonials to let your
potential customers or clients know what makes you stand out from the crowd.

7. Timesaving

It takes time to provide potential customers
with information through emails, brochures or phone. However, if you have a
website with an online catalogue, you can offer tons of information within
seconds. As soon as your website is live, the whole information will be
available to your customers with a few clicks of the mouse, saving you plenty
of time. And you know time is money.

So, these are a few solid reasons why ever
small business should have a website. If you don’t have one, make sure you
check out some good web development companies to get your website up and




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