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This article expresses how China’s
AI technology grows, one of the example will be Baidu (Knight,
China’s Baidu Releases It AI Code, 2016). Baidu, a top Internet
browser searching engine company in China, even Google and Facebook cannot
compete with it in China, invested a new and strong machine-learning
technology. Surprisingly, they released some of the AI code to public for AI
software like searching, which most of companies would ever never do that. In
my perspective after I read the introduction of this article, the major reason
is to enhance the education in the group of relevant AI field.

A speech-recognition system has been
created by their research lab recently which is called Deep Speech 2. As we
know that Chinese characters is complicated and tricky in typing on phones.
Baidu created the system that numbers of applications from service companies
could be accessed by voice. Also, some of the people prefer to not typing
because of the difficulties of Chinese characters, a voice system like Deep
Speech 2 would solve the problems of using their own voices to search or send
information through internet.

The features behind this system are
following: Computers embedded with this system can transfer voice in a record
and analyze it to character, one the other hand, recognize an image into
multiple objects. Then, the system learns the words and images by recognizing
machine language if they are new examples, and put them into central database
with specific ways. In fact, Baidu’s code is implemented under Deep Speech 2
technology such that it runs on the most recent computer chips, which is

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Nowadays, Deep Speech 2 are spread
around China as open sources so that most of technology companies including the
inventor Baidu would operate it. One of the reasons is those companies would
like to be beneficial from exploring this technology. On the other hand, those
researchers and learners who have limited resources on social networking but
have talent on developing such systems, could have opportunities on enhancing
their features.

After I read this article, I realize
that China’s AI learning technology is almost in the same position in the world
because they invent new machine-learning language by learning Western
knowledge. The technology is not fully mature. Therefore a smarter way, open
source, free source on code, will be used, which increases amount of learners
who want to explore.

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