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This unisex sports uniform was made in the early 20th century. The unique design is the reflection of a vital part of the Russian art movement “constructivism” made by a leading Russian constructivist artist, graphic, and costume and set designer Stepanova was best known for her textile and clothing designs. The design itself is constructed of many geometric shapes. The Russian used bold lines and contrasting colours: red and black that echoed the change of its wearer functional composition and solid colours accelerated the look of contemporary fashion. The work described the movement of the athlete and was tailored to make use of it more unique. Stepanova designed utilitarian workers’ clothing, strongly coloured, geometrically patterned sportswear, many say that she was trying to get rid of as much human form from design and make it more theatrical in spite of their strict logic, partly because of the literal intentions and partly because of the almost absurd link between abstract art and useful design, as each designed to best accommodate the physical movements of the wearer. Strong geometrical lines emphasised the garment’s structure including silhouettes, seams, fabric bias and weave. The design does look quite experimental. The composition of shapes makes the design stand out. The use of squares, rectangles, triangle, stars etc, makes the design appealing, also the use of star shows the political statement shows political influence in Russian art. The geometrical lines remind us of the ways in which the fabric will bend, flex and move with our body. She considered the function of the dress more important than its aesthetics. However, this doesn’t mean to say that she didn’t care about how it looked. She created her work for many people such as actors and athletes. Her bold line and some of her shapes determined areas of weaving and places where the garment would be put together including buttons and pocket. Stepanova’s sports uniform was stylish in simplicity, bold in its utilitarian design, playful and functional, producing an art form which rejected gender difference, both aesthetically and artistically. Visually, these geometrical shapes are rational, logical and symmetrical shows everything is straight forward, clear and easy to implement, understandable and applicable relates to the communist Government at that period of time, as their logics were understandable and implementable.

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