This to introduce the work done by

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This report is comprised of all the detailed bits of knowledge into our
Final Year Project. The purpose of this task is to introduce the work done by
our group on this project that was started almost a year ago. We have included
a discussion of how the designs meet the criteria given in the project. All the
relative requirements are included in this report that needed to be done in
order to achieve our final goal.

We all are aware of the fact
that in rural areas there are many problems as the preterm or immature baby is
born because its body temperature is not that much to cope with the surrounding
environment so different techniques have been accomplished to maintain an
infants body temperature up to 37C.

The technique includes
kangaroo mother care and vinyl bags in which infants are placed and their body
temperature is maintained.

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In kangaroo mother care  the baby is attached with the chest of mother
in where there is a skin to skin contact of an infant with her mother so like
that adult mother’s temperature is transferred to a baby(heated body
temperature is transferred to cold body). Upto certain extent its demanded  because its not necessary that if mother’s
temperature is 37C so baby should have that too.

The other technique was
vinyl bag , in this technique the bag is heated up with an external source and
the baby is place in it. Up to some extent its okay and beneficial to carry out
otherwise is not too successful because hot bags are attached to the baby’s
skin and on the other hand the major drawback of this technique is that if the
external source applied to this bag becomes too much hot it might burn the skin
of baby.

All these techniques assure
the maintainance  of baby’s body

Keeping these two techniques
as a motive we have made a device named “Infant warmer.” The detailed discussion
is elaborated in the aims and objectives of this chapter 1.

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