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This is the recommendation
in favor of the application of Mr. Mohammad Ariful Islam Mahmud for masters
study course in your university. I know Mr. Arif for a long time as I took his
classes as a course teacher in B.Sc. (Honours) in CSIT. He performed his courses sincerely
and achieved an excellent scholastic record. It is my immense pleasure to
inform you that Mohammad Ariful Islam
Mahmud was a
student of top five percent in his class in terms of academic achievement, judgment,
taking initiative and excellent demonstration of research potentials during B.
Sc. (Honours). Besides, I want to mention that he obtained the highest CGPA in
his class in both first, second and forth semester of undergraduate study.

Mr. Arif is intelligent, industrious, dependable and highly motivated to
pursue any concrete objective. He gathered a vast experience of teamwork, as he
was involved with various group activities in the university. Moreover, he
played the role of team leader in many groups and became successful in many
instances. I also found him awesome in terms of many extra-curricular
activities. Mr. Arif is very sociable, well behaved and well accommodative with
pleasant personality. He can also be entrusted with any important
responsibility. Mr. Arif has strong interest in research and academic affairs. He
already proved his high potentialities in various research activities in the
broader domain of software development and data science. For instance, I was
his final semester project “Smart Taxi
Hiring System” supervisor in last semester, where he and his another team
mate developed an android-based application for modernizing our taxi hiring procedure.
Here I was amazed with his capabilities of team leading, problem solving and focus
on details as well as his excellent software development techniques. I believe,
all these competencies will ultimately help him to pursue his research in the
preferred topic at your prestigious university. Moreover, he has a good command
in spoken, written and read English by virtue of course structure, medium of instruction,
examination and academic environment. He also obtained overall band score 7 in

I’m sanguine that, if provided the opportunity, Mr. Mohammad Ariful Islam Mahmud will be able to undertake the
offered course efficiently and successfully. I believe, after successful
completion of his higher study, he will be able to do a significant
contribution in the development of the technology sector of Bangladesh. I
strongly recommend Mr. Arif for admission and required assistance to pursue his
dream of completing graduate study from an international university. Please, feel free to make any types of correspondence
regarding him, if necessary.

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