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This article shows what factors cause poor health. It also
explains how we can change that and improve our health. All these factors go hand
and hand with each other.

Another factor that puts health at risk is unemployment. The
risk is higher in regions where unemployment is widespread.  Having people there for you helps improve your
health. The social support you get from having good friendships, relationship,
and social relations keeps your health in good standing. Addiction is one major
factor that results in bad health. Whether its alcohol, tobacco, or drugs all
addictions are bad. Having a bad diet contributes to a decline in health. The last
factor that leads to poor health is transport. When they say transportation
they mean people have better health when they do exercises like walking,
running, cycling, and more. But people drive or take the bus or train to get to
places, and those pollute the air we breathe everyday.

For social gradient poorer individuals live shorter and
are prone to be sick compared to  the
rich. This difference has attracted regard for the amazing affectability of
wellbeing to the social condition. Stress is a social and psychological factor.
People who have anxiety, insecurities, low self-esteem, social isolation, and
lack of control over work and home life, has a massive effect on health. This is
also cause premature death. Early life is next, its good to start life off on a
good foot. Sometimes there are poor fetal development due to poor circumstances
during pregnancy. Poor fetal development is a high risk for life in later
stages. Poverty is a form of social exclusion. People who do not have the basic
necessities of life have a greater chance of premature death. Some other forms
of social exclusion are racism, discrimination, stigmatization, hostility and unemployment.
These things stop people from engaging in education and training activities.  They say that having a job is good for your
health but bringing stress in a work place will not help your health. “Several
European workplace studies show that health suffers when people have little opportunity
to use their skills and low decision making authority.”( Social Determinants of
Health: Solid Facts)

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This article examines the social inclination in
wellbeing, and clarifies how mental and social impacts influence physical
wellbeing and life span. It at that point takes a gander at what is thought
about the most critical social determinants of wellbeing today, and the part
that open approach can play in forming a social situation that is more helpful
for better wellbeing. The most up to date
factors are: social gradient, stress, early life, social exclusion, working, unemployment,
social support, addiction, foods, and transport policy. Approach and activity
for wellbeing need to address the social determinants of wellbeing, assaulting
the reasons for sick wellbeing before they can prompt issues. This is a testing
undertaking for both chiefs and general wellbeing performing artists and
promoters. This production gives the certainties and the approach choices that
will empower them to act.

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