This derived from the word Telecom Australia (TEL

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This document represents information about one of the leading
telecommunication company, Telstra Corporation Ltd, in short Telstra which
dominate the other in the field of Telecommunication in Australia. The document
provides the working mechanism of the company before the digital disruption and
changes made after the digital innovation. It also suggests that now is the
time for the company to make a significant boost in software development
facilities and business far removed from traditional one. Telstra Corporation Ltd is the one of the leading
telecommunication company in Australia that has been operating in
Telecommunication Industry since 1975. In 1901, the Department called
postmaster General’s Department (PMG), were established to control all
Australian Telecommunications Services. Later, Postmaster General’s Department
(PMG) is separated into the Australian Postal Commission (APC) and the
Australian Telecommunications Commission (ATC) and ATC Trading as Telecom which
ran only domestic telecommunication services. In 1992, Australian
Telecommunications Commission (Telecom) merges with the Overseas
Telecommunications Corporation and Changes its name internationally and
nationally to Telstra Corporation Limited in 1993 and 1995 respectively. The
name “Telstra” is derived from the word Telecom Australia (TEL from Telecom and
STRA from Australia). At that period, the internet becomes the main part of
their business with BigPond launching in 1996, along with high-speed cable
internet service. In 1997, Telstra shares listed on the ASX for the first time.
They installed optical fibers for the domestic network, hence high definition
and multi-media equipment becomes cost-effective for the domestic user. Later,
2007, BigPond Movies and BigPond Music are launched and the age of the
smartphone begins and now there are billions of mobile user. Telstra head
office, which called Telstra Corporate Centre located at 242 Exhibition Street
Melbourne, Australia. Under the leadership of COE David Thodey (2010-2015),
Telstra was named “most respected company” by the Australian Financial Review
newspaper. After the retirement of David Thodey, he placed be replaced by
successor Andy Penn who indicated Telstra new focus on growth in international
markets.  1.      

always want to communicate and interact with each other in the way that best
for theirs. The customer of Telstra are those people which use Telstra company
product and services such as mobile and landline communications, including
mobile phone, mobile internet, broadband internet and network service. Before
the era of the digital market, Telstra only offered and provided the limited
product and services to their clients and difficult to provide online services
and customer service recovery as well. As a result, Company was unable to
attract more customer through their product and service.  

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