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essay agrees that our  body
is a wonderful “machine” that bases its longevity on the way that
it’s kept. The better you keep it, the more it will last. 

  And to keep this machine working there’s only three things that you
need. Each of them too important and none of them can do anything on its own.
These three important elements are water, food and energy. Water and its impact
can be seen all over our body. By drinking the right amount of water each day
you can prevent so many diseases that would make the “machine” stop
working. Also water is a great help when it comes to taking out the toxic that
maybe have collected inside our body. Moreover water helps on having a cleaner
face and a healthier glowing flawless skin.

the other hand, the second element, as I’ve called them, is food. Food has a
widely spread use when it comes to this. By consuming food, the body gets every
protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, sugar that it needs in order to function. And
the remains that are left can be emitted by water. Their importance comes with
the collision of both of them. 

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  Throughout this collision we also profit something so important for us
and our “machine”. And that’s energy. Most of the food that we eat
turns into one with water and it transforms into energy, which is needed so our
body can move and have the ability to do what the brain commands it to do.
Nevertheless energy wouldn’t be able to create without water and food and
without energy there wouldn’t be the need of water and food, simple as that. It
doesn’t sound simple but it really is. The reason why we drink and eat is
because our body is in need of it so it can produce energy so if energy wasn’t
needed, water and food wouldn’t be needed either. This is a never ending circle
on which you can learn a lot. Most importantly learn the way our body functions
and what are its needs and also how to keep it healthy.

   After all that’s what life is about. Being healthy which has to do
with the physical state and being happy which has to do with the emotional
state. These three elements can ever be great assistants when it comes to the
emotional state to. Being in a good mood is associated with being energetic.
Happiness and every kind of emotions is also linked with the way that we treat
ourselves. For example if you’d keep away the healthy food and water, surely
not long you’ll see a drastic mood change that comes as a result of not giving
your body the vitamins and proteins that are needed and important on having a
healthy mind and body too. 

conclusion the concernment of these three elements no longer is only about a
healthy body but also for a healthy mind. And that’s even more important
because everything starts from the brain so as long as the brain is at a
peaceful state so will our body and lifestyle be.



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