This mandatory to deliver Language of Glove

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PMP (Project Management Plan) describes all of the main management factors that
are mandatory to deliver Language of Glove like scope, HR, schedule, cost,
quality, risk, communication, issue and procurement for implementation from
September 2018 to February 2019.

1.1      Background

in the modern age of digital world, where everything is simple and elementary,
a part of our community is missing out the benefits of this era; the Deaf and
the Mute. There isn’t much understanding between these special persons and the
normal figures of our society. The barrier being the differences in the
communication languages. The mute, as most of us may know, use a special type
of language that involves the use of their hands and facial expressions, The
Sign Language. ASL also known as American Sign Language is the most widely used
across the globe. In Pakistan and in other countries, there are variations in
the signs. In the world of sound, for those
without it, sign language is a powerful tool to make their voices heard. The
ASL, short for American Sign Language is the most commonly used language across
the globe with certain variations according to the country. But what good is
this gesture based language when it meets the people outside the deaf and mute
communities. That’s where our project makes its way.

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the hands are the most valuable asset to the mute, a solution to bridge the gap
between the two parties (normal and the special) is to use modern technology to
translate the signs into something that the deaf can read and the normal can
hear – That is, to Translate Sign Language into Text and Speech.

1.2      Motivation

Language loses its meaning when it meets the outside world where one is not
familiar with the basics of this complex language. Suppose you come across a
deaf person who is defected by birth. The person needs to know the directions
to a certain place and waves some signs so that you may understand what they
are trying to say. In all its fairness, you don’t understand a thing. After
some time, the deaf person somehow manages to make you understand. Now this
barrier between communications is annoying and confusing at times. It’s like
you’re in China and you don’t know Chinese. So, what you do is, you take a
translator with you. It is your ears and your tongue. You depend on it.

to Google Translate almost all the languages are now translatable and
understanding different cultures is easy in this modern age. Yet, there is no
translating device available for translating Sign Language. The motivation
behind this project is to make life easier for special person. 

1.3      Scope

of Glove contributes a lot to that part of our society that is usually ignored
and considered the gray area of our society. Usually people considers them as
dumb but in reality if these people are given enough resources, communication
tool and a platform they can be fruitful members of society too. There are many
talented people too, among the deaf and the mute. This project helps eliminates
the barrier between the special and ordinary people.

needs to be an understanding between the deaf and the normal people which is difficult
task considering majority of normal people don’t speak sign language. The
problem with minimizing this gap is that one must take sign language classes,
learn sign language.

not make it all simple and create a Sign Language Translator. A glove that a
deaf person wears, which translates their language into something
understandable for the normal human beings. A glove that can decode what a mute
person is trying to say, making their voice heard.

1.4      Objectives

aim is to make this Language Translator glove a reality. Glove with the
database of Gestures and Signs, embedded with various sensors can be used to
achieve this goal.

goal is to incorporate as many words as possible in the database, so that the
translator works efficiently. The problem with initial Language translators was
that they had a smaller database, which made it inefficient and difficult to
use. The modern age translators have formal language incorporated in their
database. Like all other languages, sign language also has formal and informal
language references. We aim to incorporate only the formal part of the language
as the informal part is misleading and confusing since it is made by the
individuals themselves without following any proper standards.


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