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This lab was conducted to determine the stability of a drug when it was repackaged. Multi-compartment compliance aids are packages made up of 7-28 small individual compartments for use in hospitals or pharmacies to aid patients with compliance. These individual compartments can hold single tablets or a few tablets depending on the drug regimen of the patient.  When repackaging medication into multi-compartment compliance aids it is usually done with the safety of the patient in mind to ensure there are fewer missed doses or doubled doses especially in the disabled and elderly. They may experience adverse effects if the dose is missed. For the pharmacist, it helps to judge if the patient is compliant in taking their medication and to ensure the drug regimen is being followed. The multi-compartment compliance aids help organize medications, therefore, helping patients who take more than one medication. These aids are used by healthcare professionals or pharmacists who take the drugs from the manufacturers packaging and transfer it into the multi-compartment compliance aids.


While most drugs are suitable for multi-compartment compliance aids there may be some that may not be as their active ingredients and excipients are unable to be stored in such an environment. The British pharmacopeia (BP) recommends testing the physical and chemical stability to ensure the drug is safe to use in various environments. There are consequences to the product license when the tablets are removed from their original packaging as they are removed from the environment that is pre-packaged to ensure the tablets are safe for use and therefore by removing them and putting them in a multi-compartment compliance aids, it breaks the license. This may be due to the fact that when the drug is put into multi-compartment compliance aids the moisture, light, and temperature is not controlled therefore invalidating the product license as this may have a major impact on the shelf life, therefore, manufacturers don’t recommend repackaging the drug from its original packaging.

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