This questionnaire is designed to assist in collecting data to determine the relationship between financial literacy and success of women entrepreneurs.

Please note that the findings of this research are solely meant for academic purposes and all the responses will be treated with utmost confidentiality.


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(Please tick the appropriate option)

1.      Age (in years):

    ¨   18-25

    ¨   26-35

    ¨   36-45

    ¨   45 above

2.      Are you :

    ¨   Literate

    ¨   Illiterate

3.      If literate, what is you educational background?

    ¨   Primary education (1-6th  grade)

    ¨   Secondary education (7th grade- 10th grade)

    ¨   Tertiary education (university /college education)

4.      What type of business are you in?

    ¨   Manufacturing

    ¨   Retail/wholesale

    ¨   Service

    ¨   Agri business

    ¨   Other (please specify) ………………………..

5.      Mode of operation of business

    ¨   Physical

    ¨   Online

    ¨   Both physical and online


6.      How long have you been in business?

    ¨   0-5 years

    ¨   6-10 years

    ¨   11-15 years

    ¨   15-20 years

    ¨   Above 20 years

7.      How many employees do you have?

    ¨   Less than 10 employees

    ¨   11-25 employees

    ¨   26-50 employees

    ¨   51-100 employees

    ¨   Above 100 employees

8.      State your revenue per annum( in rupees)

    ¨   Less than  5,00,000

    ¨   5,00,000-15,00,000

    ¨   16,00,000-30,00,000

    ¨   30,00,000 above

9.      When you started your business what were the main obstacles you faced?(can select multiple options)

    ¨   No obstacles

    ¨   Resistance from family

    ¨    A question of self confidence(believing in your abilities)

    ¨   Financing difficulty

    ¨    Balancing family and work life

    ¨   Lack of information/ Advice on how to start an enterprise

    ¨   Finding right contacts for your business venture

    ¨   Others please specify ————————————————————

10.  State briefly on how did you overcome the obstacles faced?


11.  Is the business positioned financially in a growth mode?

    ¨   Yes

    ¨   No

12.  To what extent has your sales revenue changed in the last five years?

    ¨    Highly Increased

    ¨    Increased

    ¨   Remained Constant

    ¨    Decreased

    ¨    Highly Decreased


Understanding of funding sources and investments

13.  Do you operate a bank account for your business?

    ¨   Yes

    ¨   No

14.  If you need extra finance for your business, are you aware of where you can get it?

    ¨   Yes

    ¨   No

15.  If yes, what is the major source of finance for your enterprise?

    ¨   Commercial banks

    ¨   Venture capitalists

    ¨   Government agencies

    ¨   family

    ¨   Micro finance

    ¨   Other(Please specify)

16.  Are you aware of the requirements of commercial banks in lending money to your business?

    ¨   Yes

    ¨   No

17.  Other than loans, are you able to access other bank products for your business.(credit cards, bill payment service, fixed deposits)

    ¨   Yes

    ¨   No

18.  Do you invest the surplus cash/ retained income of your business?(yes/no).If yes where would u like to invest?

    ¨   Market security

    ¨   Commercial banks

    ¨   Government bonds

    ¨   Chit funds

    ¨   other


Financial planning, budgeting and control


(please select appropriate option by ticking the column)








19.  Do you use a budget to track spending in your business?






20.  Do you compare your financial objectives to your business performance periodically?






21.  Do you prepare a written annual budget of income and expenditure for your business?







 Record keeping


22.  What type of records do you maintain? (can select multiple options)

    ¨   Sales book

    ¨   Purchases book

    ¨   Expenses book

    ¨   Stock book

    ¨   Debtors book

    ¨   Creditors book

    ¨   Cash book

    ¨   None

23.  Are the monthly financial statements prepared( P&L and balance sheet)?

    ¨   Yes

    ¨   No

24.  Do you record the transactions manually or use a computer (excel /software) to record it?

    ¨   Manually

    ¨    Use a Computer

Understanding of business terminology:

25.  Do you understand the following terms?(Tick those options you are aware of)

    ¨   Collateral

    ¨   Taxes

    ¨   Insurance

    ¨   Stock market

    ¨   Credit card

    ¨   Hire purchase

    ¨   Inflation rate

    ¨   Interest rate

    ¨   Exchange rates

    ¨   Assets and liabilities

Risk management

26.  Is your business insured against risk?

    ¨   Yes

    ¨   No

Basic finance related questions-

27.  High inflation means the cost of living is increasing rapidly
    ¨   True
    ¨   False
28.  Time value of money indicates that
    ¨   A unit of money obtained  today is worth more than a unit of money obtained in future
    ¨   A unit of money obtained today is worth less than a unit of money obtained in future
    ¨   There is no difference in the value of money obtained today or tomorrow
    ¨   None of the above.
29.  The return which the company pays on borrowed funds is termed as
    ¨   Dividend
    ¨   Interest
    ¨   Bonus
    ¨   All of the above
30.  Current assets are also referred to as
    ¨   Working capital
    ¨   Investments
    ¨   Inventory
    ¨   Livestock
31.  Suppose you have some money. Is it safer to put your money into one business or investment ,or into multiple businesses or investments?
    ¨   One business or investment
    ¨   Multiple business or investments
    ¨   Don’t know









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