Part bending under the yoke of pollution

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Part 1. A Walk in Good Company

If Emerson, Thoreau, and Standing Bear can by chance walk together the most likely subject that that could be in dispute regards the man and the wilderness.

Consider the fact that Standing Bear is on record having said that white man only considers wilderness to be a domain of wild animals and savage people. According to him the western nations brought injustice to the human race by abusing the once harmonized nature. On the other hand Emerson and Thoreau could possibly argue that wilderness is the rightful place where nature’s growth and development could be witnessed.

Being of earlier generation of environmental thinkers it is possibly that they could discuss such aspects as culture, wilderness and the people. This can be allied to the fact that there are certain wilderness features that entice the human race to seek countless remedies from the same wilderness they fear. Also they could discuss issues emanating from global trade rotating within the scope of export-import trade and its ramification on wilderness. It ought to be noted that the mentioned scholars do have a profound understanding of our environmental beauty and its from their observation that we realize the true reflection of our own identities in regard to our own environment. Thus, integration of people and the environment could also be part of their discussion,

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2. Someone Else’s Shoes

The world is changing; the once flourishing society is bending under the yoke of pollution and environmental degradation. It ought to be noted that some times back the world enjoyed a period of stable environment where such environmental features as global warming were unheard.

Today, as I can see the wilderness is almost no more. Man has failed to learn from nature, he has failed to embrace and protect the innate state of nature which is omnipotent, global and equally spiritual. Hence lack of humbleness have compelled man to destroy the dignity of the wilderness or rather the environment.

Thus what lacks is a concentrated effort to guard and protect the wilderness from destruction, also lack of profound measures of preventing man from destroying himself in the course of using the resources available in the wilderness. Thus I do see that wilderness is a core reflection of our inner being.


Science and art are linked by the fact that all depicts their answers from the nature. Both science and art cannot be effective without drawing solid conclusions from what the environment offers. The only secret is learning how to unravel the hidden scientific or artistic mystery from the environment.

Leopold I do respect your stance on wilderness even though your approach is scientific may I assert that in regard to my observation wilderness brings us closer to our individual connection to the wilderness through our innate spirit. This can be testified by the manner we embrace the benefits we acquire from the wilderness. I may in one way object your position Muir,pertaining to my observation land as well as man all are living organisms, when man dies he goes back to the soil. One thing that you should understand is that man does influence what the wilderness is to provide and equally wilderness do manipulate man and this has been proved. That is why the wilderness is governed by the natural of survival for the fittest.

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