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Thesis StatementOscar micheaux was a movie director that had to deal with racism during his career he accomplished his goal still because he was able to create  a movie called birth of a nation many caucasians didn’t like the fact that a african american made the movie but oscar got through all of the hatred and  racism.Explaining My Topic: oscar micheaux:Oscar Micheaux was an African-American filmmaker whose movies were a challenge to racial segregation and an alternative outlet for black moviegoers. He is thought to have written, produced and directed more than 40 films from 1919 to 1948.Conflict:Oscar micheaux Went through a lot of racism trying to shoot movies and be an movie director.Oscar micheaux dealt with the racism by continuing his director careerPrimary source:Oscar Micheaux was a novelist and a race man who dealt in negative racial stereotypes as well as positive black images. He was an apologist for the social and economic philosophies of Booker T. Washington (1856-1915), to whom The Conquest is dedicated. Washington, an educator from about 1893 to 1915 and founder of the Tuskegee Institute, a college for African-Americans in Alabama, urged blacks to concentrate on economic gains rather than social and political equality. He believed that blacks should pursue practical concerns, work diligently, and defer integration to some later date. Those who espoused Washington’s philosophy were accommodationists in social affairs and conservative in economic and political ones. Writers influenced by Washington never wrote about black militancy nor attacked Jim Crow directly, but concentrated on assimilation and the middle-class ideal, or criticized racial dissension or tensions within the black community. Micheaux was therefore untouched by the Harlem Renaissance in terms of literary realism. Instead, he preached and wrote about personal adjustment through self-help and self-determination; he ignored or minimized the historical realities and consequences of American racism. Like his hero, if he condemned American brutality toward African-Americans, he did so carefully and without offense.Who was involved:Oscar micheauxWho was affected: oscar micheauxTook place:metropolis,ilTake place:metropolis,ilWhy: oscar micheaux really liked to film movies so he went at it and he went through a lot of racism and segregation because he wanted to make films.Connection to theme: oscar had conflict about racism and segregation.The year my Topic happened: 1919-1948 when he was Making filmsNobody that was actually famous  with oscar. Secondary source:micheaux was a dominating presense on set and no-hold-barred sales person who was able  get his films financed even during economically shaky times and bankruptcy. Critics have asserted that the quality of his work was often glaringly subpar, while others are quick to point out that this was due to the filmmaker toiling on a shoestring budget outside of traditional studios. Micheaux has also been seen by some as perpetuating a different type of stereotype with his emphasis on affluent, often lighter-skinned African-American figures while handling content that was nonetheless progressive.”Oscar Micheaux.”, A&E Networks Television, 5 Nov. 2015, INformation about birth of a nation: the movie birth of a nation was not the original name the original name was the clansman then it was changed to the birth of a nation. The movie is known as the most racist movie. The movie was showing how they didnt care for

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