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These days every school or educational institution wishes to have an avant-garde management system that can simplify every aspect of the administrative functions seamlessly. Without a reliable management system, it is quite complicated to manage all the departments from fees of students to the salary of teachers, students-teacher details, library details, timetable and all other works for the smooth running of the school. Such software solutions are electronically operated systems that automate all the administrative tasks and improve the efficiency of the school management.How does School Management System help in Schooling System?The system comprises of all the database management related features. In this software students, teacher details, homework, exam, fees, library details, timetable and all the office work can maintain effortlessly. Huge jobs can be done in very less time and require fewer people to support as a result it saves a lot of expenditure. Some of the features that make it cool and essential nowadays are -Online Application FormsStudents can apply to the institution online. Also, it becomes easy to track and review every application form and keep the application process smoothly.Online Fee Payment Students and parents have the opportunity to pay fees online. It provides a secure transaction platform which is the quick and reliable way to process all institution payments.Paperless AdmissionNo more pen-paper admissions. The admission process is fully integrated online with this software solution. It customises to fit all admissions process and flawless for enrolling students.Student Information System (SIS)Institutions now can quickly arrange and filter the student data using SIS feature. Managing courses and class timetables, Credits Management, Degree Audit, Attendance, Graduation & Alumni Management all these kind of hassle jobs easily done using this system.CRM FeaturesIdentify students who are interested in taking a course, manage admissions pipeline, one-click email, call or SMS prospects and Keep students up to date with institution’s news.. all these integrated into CRM function of this software solution.Finance & AccountingSuch electronically operated software solution can automate all short of finance and accounting matters including Invoicing, Online Payments, Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statement, Scholarship Management, Donor and Donations Management.      Advanced Reporting using AnalyticsThis solution includes Student & Behaviour Analytics and Institution Analytics which allow the institution to measure the current condition.LMS FeaturesThis kind of systems designed with all learning management software features including Blended Learning, Flipped Classroom, teacher to student & student to student interaction, Live Lectures, Online Quizzes and Tests and many more.iOS & Android Native AppsThis system is available in iOS & Android Native Apps. So, one can efficiently Manage the learning and academic information on any phone or tablet. A Perfect School Management System provides a helping hand to the administrative sector and manages the daily activities of the institution. So this is where School Management System helps to automate all the data management procedure and lessens the possibility of error.  

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