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There’s no question that sweat suit for men and women has become a cultural icon in its own right. From Juicy Couture velours of the TMZ era to the symbolized three stripes OG tracksuits by Adidas’, sweat suit is not just adapted through the decades, but incorporates sportswear’s integration into fashion—well before the menswear lexicon got hit by cozy boy and athleisure.

The 60’s and Sweat Suits

The ’60s, when the mid-century prosperity bloomed and opened way to “space-age” technology, that time sweat suit was born. A sweat suit is a combination of clothing consisting of two pieces: a trouser and a jacket usually with front zipper. It was originally designed for use in sports, mainly for athletes to wear over competition clothing such as racing shirt and shorts or a swimsuit and to take off before a game. In current times, it has become commonly worn in other contexts. Synthetic nylon fabrics combination, early iterations liked these helped to set up the modern-day tracksuit or sweat suit its grounds, names like Adidas came up with their earlier designs as stripes featured on them. Tracksuit was one of the earliest applications of synthetic fibers in sportswear. Sweatshirt began life as a football jersey. Sneakers as we know them today are an evolution of early basketball and tennis shoes. The polo shirt was designed by Mr. René Lacoste to be dressed not on the polo field, but on the tennis court. So much of the modern man’s wardrobe finds its roots in the world of sport, and the tracksuit – unsurprisingly, given the name – is no exception. But how did this zippered nylon jacket and matching trousers make the leap from track to the street, and who were the style setters from music, film, and TV who promoted it along?

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The Origin of Sweat Suit

The name “tracksuit” an arose because, quite literally, back in 1968 it was a suit designed to be worn on the track. Obvious, right? Back then it was the sole preserve of athletes such as American sprinters Messrs John Carlos and Tommie Smith. Only back then tracksuits were almost exclusively worn before or after sports. But it was in the ’70s when tracksuits got its jumpstart beginning to blend with the fashion world.

Sweat Suits Enter to Jogging & Climbing

For a few reasons, the ’70s are when the tracksuit became a non-athletic staple. Practically speaking of jogging and mountain climbing; the tracksuit owes much for its modern-day significance to both of them. With jogging’s notoriety rising in the 1970s, including the interest in personal health fitness, sweat suits began to be treated as the go-to gear for the recreational athlete. Another athletic trend of that era—mountain climbing—sparked brands like Patagonia to innovate with fabrics that could handle the activity. The very same fabrics that were designed to protect outdoorsmen were inevitably finding new life when applied to sweat suits, and tops.

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