Therefore, over the past two decades (Mahboubi,

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Therefore, even if the country maintained the level of immigration it did
this year, it would still take approximately seven years to make up for
the gap, ceteris paribus. Furthermore, new immigrants do
not fare well in the intimidating Canadian job market. Often, these immigrants
do not have the necessary skills to land a well-paying job, so that they can
support themselves and their families. The unemployment rate among immigrants
who landed in Canada within the last five years is on average more than
double that of Canadian-born workers (Kirby, 2016). For the immigrants to do well in the job market, they
must go through sufficient schooling while also being financially supported by
the government. This support would be given through taxpayer money, which many
Canadian citizens are not too happy about. Consequently, the economic benefits
of accepting a large number of immigrants will only be apparent much later, due
to an impact lag. While Canada may think increasing immigrants will result in
an increase of jobs and a booming economy, in reality, the impact lag of this
decision outweighs the benefits.

A recent
controversial topic in the economic world is the minimum wage increase that
will take place in 2018. Ontario and Alberta will soon dramatically increase
their minimum wages to $15 an hour. Ontario will have the largest one-year
increase in the minimum wage rate of any province, over the past two decades (Mahboubi, 2017). Since Ontario has the largest share of employees earning the minimum
wage among Canadian provinces, a minimum-wage increase of this size will likely
increase unemployment. When discussing the issue of the minimum wage increase,
economists narrow down the impact to lower-wage industries and teen employment.
Low wage industries may receive the brunt of the minimum wage increase, as
these are the industries that cannot afford to pay their workers a higher
salary (Mahboubi, 2017). With Ontario

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