There For example: Advanced Organizer: is designed

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 There are different kinds of teaching

For example:

Advanced Organizer: is designed to
activate prior knowledge and help students become more receptive to the
learning that follows.

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Agreement Circles: is used to
explore opinions. As students stand in a circle, facing each other, the teacher
makes a statement. Students who agree with the statement step into the circle.

Brainstorming/Discussion: is Group
process where all ideas are accepted and recorded.

Collaborative Learning:  is any kind of work that involves two or more

Creative Thinking Reading: Teams of
students work together to solve assigned problems using text provided by

Demonstrations: An activity to show
students how things work or how they happen.

Experiments: It involves
observation, analysis, prediction, testing, and re-evaluation. Students
demonstrate or discover something.

Exit Slips: On slips of paper or
note cards, students write down their reflections of what they learnt in a

Fishbowl: is discussion format where
students are selected from class. They sit in front of the class as a panel to
discuss topic while class observes. The discussion is opened to whole class.

Flash Cards: Are note cards with a
question, problem, or fact on one side, and the answer or a related fact on the
other side. Individual students can use flashcards for independent practice, or
pairs of students can use them to practice as a team. Online flash cards has
many forms but usually include either a box where you can type in your answer,
or have sets of answers to select from.

Graphic Organizers: Graphic
organizers are visual frameworks to help the learner make connections between
concepts. Some forms of graphic organizers are used before learning and help
remind the learner what they already know about a subject. Other graphic
organizers are designed to be used during learning as cues to what to look for
in the structure of the resources or information. Still other graphic
organizers are used during review activities and help to remind students the
number and variety of components they should remember.

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