There were several factors that encouraged Americans to move West. In 1863, there was the transcontinental railroad that helped connect resources from the West with businesses from the East. These railroads linked a developed railway network of the East Coast with rapidly growing California for a faster route of transportation. These railroads were built by private businesses that included grants and loans. Many banks gave money to encourage their trade that would lead towards a good economy. This then caused effects to happen with this railroad. Specifically, this caused the Tiel nation to come together and they also caused industrial growth to happen. Another effect that occured is that more towns and cities grew which created 10 new states. They were also tensions that were caused because of the demand of the Indian Land that was wanted. Many people realized that there were opportunities that were bigger and better waiting for them in the West. For example, there were jobs like mining, lumber and ranching. Ranchers made money by selling cattle hides and meats. In ranching, cowboys herd to railroads in order to trade their resources. Other people thought that moving West would help them start their lives over and improve their personal conditions. Many people hoped that moving West would help them develop and look forward to a better life. Farming was a major factor that encouraged Americans to move West. Specifically, railroads and cheap land were the main causes for this. In 1862, The Homestead Act brought people out of the west to get explored and settled. It encouraged Western migration by providing settlers 160 acres of public land. Millions of acres of land were given to many small families for free for up to five years from their government. In farming, they had new technology like barbed wire, steel plow and steel windmills that made it easier and faster to grow crops for their land. Overall, The Transcontinental railroad, new jobs and farming encouraged many people to settle West in the 19th century.

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