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are so many mediums for colour rendering that makes it hard for me to choose which
one suits me best. I tried colouring pencil, watercolour and markers but after
a few trials the markers worked well for me.

The markers I used is, the Promarker by Winson &
Newton, an alcohol based markers that has twin-tipped with brush nib and chisel
nib. The good thing about these markers is that it can be blended easily and
mixed two different colours together, so you only need few colours to buy.  

Markers is difficult to start with however by
practising a lot you will be able to learn any technique to used that will work
for you. Most of the time I fill the area with a lighter colour as a base then
apply a darker colour after, and blending it out with the lighter colour or a
cotton wool – I call this “light-dark-light” technique. I also add extra shade of
colour when it is needed. After that, I put a shadow with a much darker colour
without blending it to outline the shape of the furniture. I used the chisel
nib for the floor or wall and the fine bullet nib for details like furniture. This
technique is easy and if the base is wet for blending, the colour will turn out
nice. It is better to shade quickly to avoid uneven colour or streaking. I can
also simply create highlight by using a lighter colour and blend it with a colourless
blender to lighten it more. The colourless blender allows you to get smooth and
even colours after blending or to lighten colour if it is too dark.

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            There are a lot more marker
techniques to used but the “light-dark-light” technique worked well for me. That
is because it is a method where I can avoid streaky lines and dark colours
which is not needed. Streaky lines are common when using markers and if you use
the same colour repeatedly you could darken the colour, that is why I used the
lighter shade instead to blend the colour. This technique will also smoothen
the colour. I can also easily create gradient with two different colours and
then blend the centre with the lighter shade to join the two colours together. 

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