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There are many phrases that people refer to when making decisions for
instance, “trust your gut” however following our intuition result in rational
decisions? Decision making is highly influenced by several factors such as personal
demographics, cognitive biases, personal psychographics, emotion, benefit,
risk, logic, memory, perception and information.

life would not exist exclusive of the mechanism of rationality. The human race
evolved thousands of years ago, and it is due to our ability to reason and make
good decisions that we have survived, evolved and now dominate planet earth
today. If humans weren’t rational they wouldn’t have developed such complexity
and wouldn’t have advanced technological and communication systems. Humans have
evolved over time and taking that into consideration it is clear that humans
obtain better developed cognitive abilities when compared with animals. People
are able to speak to each other using several different languages due to highly
effective communication systems and we can intelligently adapt our behaviour,
both short-term and long-term in response to the changing needs of a problem-solving
situation. The human race had the capability to change the environments around
them such as methods of deforestation to make an area habitable to best suit
them. However poor decision making is also as a result of humans, which is the
very product of our advancement however could have a negative effect on us in
the future. Poor decision making on how we are meeting the demands for energy
using non-renewable resources, this choice is not rational due to the lack of
evaluating the negative effect this will have in the future, resources running
out and increase in climate change. Aristotle argued that we are rational
beings, but our ability to be rational was not an innate ability, but one
obtained through the acquisition of knowledge and experience. The modern day
view is that we take action due to belief or desire, whether we want to do
something or we believe we ought to do something. 

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