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There are different types of Dry-cleaning and Laundry
services depending upon the manner in which their product is serviced. For
example, self-serve facilities operate on the basis that you come in and get it
done yourself. The wash and fold service which is delivered more on the premium
side of the Dry-cleaning and Laundry Services industry. These businesses are of
course owned by families and have grown to control a big portion of the
industry. To the extent that they have developed into bigger chains that each
have their own intricate system of service and offer their own value proposition.
Each type of product offered can be valued on their type of service, such as
the self-serving facilities where you can set up the entire process from start
to end on your own. There is a value in this method of service because it conveniently
fits the time of your schedule. Also, you’re charged by how much laundry you
have (quantity) and sometimes you are charged by time, where the owners of
these businesses run a timer at each laundry station. Overall the value
proposition of this industry is flexibility, time-managing, and ease of
accessibility and control. There are also benefits to the wash and fold
servicing as well, such as the ability to select between different types of
soap, detergent, etc. if there are preferences to how you want your clothes to
smell, as well as if they’re particularly sensitive against certain chemicals.


The good thing about these variety of options is that they can
be convenient for you if you’re allergic and can offer you with the comfort you
desire. Simultaneously, the wash and fold services can be viewed as a premium
type service because of their ability to process comfort into their product.
These facilities can fold your clothes for you, as opposed to having to fold
them yourself like in a self-serve location. The differentiating factors
between these types of businesses are cost, time, and product. There are
roughly over 35,000 businesses today that cater to the needs of individuals
that do not own their own washer and dryer at home, but studies prove that they
are decreasing in both size and quality. Most homeowners “do” their own laundry
at home because they own their own washer and dryer, which saves them the time,
energy, and money having to go to-and-from locations in order to clean their
clothes. Overall, there’s about $12 billion in this industry alone, but studies
prove the decline in business stems from the ever-changing industry itself,
where technology has paved the way for an easier way to care and clean your
clothing. Green Cleaning remains a strong force of change that is
revolutionizing the dry cleaning and laundry industry, with continued growth in
the marketplace.


models have offered profitable growth such as Lapels Dry Cleaning, which markets
itself in a more futuristic approach and claims to be the future of the
industry. This is a hybrid sort of market where they offer the standard dry
cleaning with different brands of detergent, and they also cater to wedding
clothing. tailoring, shoe cleaning and repair, fur cleaning on specific coats,
as well as cleaning carpets and rugs. They’ve grown their business by
advertising a fast pickup and delivery option for their service for both
individuals and companies with particular laundry needs customized for your
needs. An operation capable of providing these services have around 43 washers
and dryers in their business operations. Lapels Dry Cleaning is a private
company and has gotten to the point where they set up entire laundry systems
for companies at their workplace to save them the headache of going from
location to location to clean their clothing. For bigger companies, they even
offer to train their staff and provide support for the types of software
installed for the laundry units at the company location.

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            The support
comes with meetings from Lapels Dry Cleaning as well as establishing a single
point of contact for that account. This company has been in business since 2000
are setting themselves apart from the industry with franchising. There’s 40
locations nationally and business owners can start their own business through
Lapels franchise and have the ability to travel abroad while being an absent
owner once their operations take off. The cost of obtaining this franchise is
roughly around $20,000.00 and has a 10-year contract in place but the overall
investment for obtaining a commercial property loan and setting up business
along with franchise fees totals the business for around $150,000.00. The
impact that Lapels Dry Cleaning has on the environment makes them desirable
especially on the West Coast. In fact, it’s a core function of their business
model where they strive to maintain consciousness over the implications the
chemicals and waste have on the environment. How do they do this? By providing
a solvent that isn’t toxic and can treat clothes as safely and gently while its
substance is still able to dissolve in a natural manner.


There’s also Zoom Dry Cleaning that has a turn-key feature
for their franchise that is a hybrid system, where they’ve mastered the
environmental factor through the use of eco-friendly hardware as well as a
sharing of information on how to remain successful as an environmentally
conscious organization. This type of business is an example of the Green Dry-Cleaning
market, as well as Lapels. There’s no need for prior experience when you choose
Zoom’s services as a franchise or customer. They’re nationally available in all
50 states and you’re free to open as many Zoom Dry Cleaning businesses as you
wish. Same as Lapels where you can receive support and training as much as you’d
like. Zoom advertises themselves as a 1 price dry cleaning service which
emphasizes quality customer service. The particular inventory of equipment they
have at their facilities are able to service hundreds of clients on a daily
basis, and is structured to handle high volumes even as a premium brand.


Another company called Dry Cleaning To Your Door comes
directly to the client’s house to both pickup and drop back off after having
tended to your clothing needs. This is an even more flexible form of service
that offers convenience at the premium level. The organization picks up your clothing,
cleans it with the specific instructions left from the client, and returns them
to a designated spot that the customer would like. This service is similar to
the amazon drop off where they install a camera in your home and come into your
house to take care of all your laundry needs. It’s convenient because the
clients don’t need to be home during the time of pickup or drop off, so they
can be at work all day and not have to worry about coming home to tend to
laundry. This costs the client around the same as directly taking your clothes
to the laundromat. Also, the customers are billed at the end of the month
rather than for each transaction. This type of servicing is known as a delivery
oriented company. Whoever works at the laundromat will need a valid Driver’s
license and reliable transportation- preferably a van. The origins of this
company stem from 1994 (which was when I was born) and became a franchise
around 1-3 years afterward. They have over 100 facilities all around the US
today and franchise costs are running around $30,000.00. There are royalty fees
as well that take up an additional 5% of total sales and is paid for at the end
of each quarter. This business model does not work without the trust of the
consumer. So, the question will be posed back to the customer in reference to
trust, would you trust someone that you do not know with your laundry, with
entry and exit access to your personal residence to prepare your clothing in a
tidy and timely manner?


The powerhouse of the laundry industry would have to be
Martinizing, who is considered to be the #1 in the marketplace as of 2016. They
hold the largest dry-cleaning facilities in the US and is recognized as being a
reliable, eco-friendly, customer oriented high end dry cleaning service. There
are specific routes set in place for servicing and Martin Franchises offers
these dry-cleaning services through the title of Martinizing all around the
globe. They guarantee the cleaning of your clothes within a time spam of 1 hour
or your money back guaranteed. This is an extremely cocky, but not arrogant way
of differentiating yourself from competitors. In order to open a facility, you’ll
need $125,000.00 and an overall net of no less than $250,000.00. So around
roughly $360,000.00. However, you’re required to pay a total of $35,000.00 a
year in royalty costs.


Overall these are the statistics that show an increase in
overall revenue from the laundry industry from 2008-2020 in the US. We see a
decrease in necessity of services in 2010 but a steady increase in 2011, then
another drop in 2012 and continues to gradually increase to 2020.



E-Commerce within the Dry-Cleaning and laundry industry has
taken off since 2010 where companies like Mobicommerce are dominating the industry
with their ecommerce solutions for all clientele laundry and dry-cleaning
needs. What this organization is able to provide consumers on the software
level is an application for laundromats so that users can have an easier time
communicating with the readiness of their clothing. The clients are requesting
to have their clothes picked up, ironed, washed, dropped off all at the
convenience of their fingertips. This app is available on Android and IOS and
has a customizable backend so that 100% of the website and application are
syncable and compatible with their rules, branding, and standard of business
practice. You’re even able to design the application screens and layout designer
included with deep links support and ab integrated feature of google analytics
for social media logins. The app is made to browse on your mobile device and
cashes intelligence through fast loading, easy checkouts and is compatible with
SEO. Administrative features include managing and designing the application and
website, in a very simple and easy to use format. Laundromats can schedule and
assign tasks to the customers in order to make the laundry process easier for
both parties. Customers can schedule to pick-up as the laundromat owners can
assign a delivery once their customers clothes are clean to have dropped off at
their preferred location. This would work wonderfully if you’re doing a favor
to a friend or family member, where they are away on vacation and expect you to
take care of their kids or dog. Servicing and managing your laundry/laundromat has
never been simpler where you can change the pricing per unit/clothes as well as
the type and color, there’s also room to briefly describe your organization and
a link for additional information. Conveniently located on e-commerce
laundromat applications is the ability to send reminders to the customers on
when to pick-up their clothes and are prepared to ready the dirty load prior to
the laundromat drop off.


These features are all set in place to assist clientele
throughout the servicing aspect of dry cleaning and laundry and can gives them
the option to track their clothing and where they are in that step of the
process based on location and real time. Another great feature is the ability
to review the services of the organization that is servicing your laundry needs
which can serve as a guide to consumers looking to trust a new business they wouldn’t
otherwise be familiar with. The review entails pricing, preferences to
detergents and serves as a catalyst for change management to facilitate new
items to their application or business process. Notifications are delivered promptly
through the app which notifies customers in which step of the cleaning process
their clothes are currently in. You can customize notifications via SMS and
Email where automated messages are sent to remind you of where you currently
are in the process. Ecommerce laundromats are currently servicing over 500+
online stores at a time that are guaranteed to scale your business. What is the
current role of e-commerce within the dry cleaning and laundry services
industry? It’s accessibility, easy to use and manage with the ability to go
live asap with ready solutions, and offer upgrades as well as 24-hour support
with encrypted channels. E-commerce within the dry-cleaning and laundry has
empowered the industry to branch out internationally and has expanded to 35
countries including the Middle East, Eastern and Northern Europe as well as
North America.


Information Technology has greatly impacted the transitioning
growth of the Dry-cleaning and laundry services industry as well as their
business model. This impact has affected both the consumer as well as the
business owner through a change in service; being able to conveniently provide laundry
and dry clean servicing has paved the way for technology to rapidly change the
entirety of the industry. One of the major ways 

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