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There are many benefits of using social selling as a strategy such

Lead Generation

Businesses are finding out the hard way that generating new revenue
is getting tougher and tougher by the minute. Cold calling is dying a slow
death, and the folks clicking on banner ads are almost nonexistent. One of the
main advantages of social selling is that once you are able to establish a
social presents, you can monitor, listen and engage in meaningful conversations
regarding your product or service.

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Better Reputation

Online reviews play an important role in the
decision making process with around 90% of buyers being influenced by the
reviews of a product or service they read online before making a purchase
decision. Further studies indicate that buyers are not only doing their
research on a brand name they’re interested in, by also the sales reps of the
company. Keeping that in mind, it will be a good idea to Google Search your
sales people to see what your clients see when they do the same thing. With the
proper social selling strategy (and training) your prospects see a clean-cut
and well planned social profile of your sales people which speaks for itself.

Short Sales Life Cycle

The research your prospects do online has a
direct influence on your sales offline. In fact, according to a study, the
research phase of prospects who have been purchasing vehicles have dropped
dramatically over the past few years and almost 80% of the customer surveyed
said that they performed the pre-purchase research around eight weeks before
making a decision. This means businesses can use social channels as a catalysts
for improving sales. The point is, buyers are spending more and more time
online, asking questions and gathering information about the product or service
they are about to purchase. That in turn, has a direct impact on the life cycle
of the sales funnel since prospects are likely to be more influenced by the
communities they are a part of when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

Increase in Productivity

Needless to say, value added services will
increase productivity. In fact, up to 79% of salespeople using social media
were found to have out matched their peers who were not engaged with the
customer on social media. So, if your customer is online, then you should be
too. Besides, when a brand is connected to the customers via social media it
adds an extra layer of familiarity to the whole process. In this way, each sale
is carried out as an exchange between people rather than a one way street. Once
a relationship is established, it improves the customer experience two fold,
and customers who rave about their incredible buying experience usually share
that experience with others. In other words, another benefit of using social
selling is that it can culminate into referral marketing as well.

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