There are many Amendments in the U.S. constitution, to be exact there are twenty-seven Amendments. Even though they are many and they are all important, I think the most important one is the first amendment. The first amendment state the freedoms we have including religion, assembly, petition, press, speech. These are part of the first amendment. A shorten name for this first amendment is RAPPS.  RAPPS stands for religion, assembly, petition, press, speech. This first amendment is important because if we didn’t have this amendment we wouldn’t have any freedoms. The first amendment is important because of main freedoms we have. In the 1700s in Europe people were killed or were put in jail for these freedoms. If you weren’t Roman Catholic or if you weren’t Puritans the king could throw you in jail. If you wrote something bad about the king in the press you would have been thrown in jail. If you said something bad about the king he could kill you just because of something negative you said about him. People have come a long way just to get these major freedoms to be fair. Even when they did have freedom of all these people would still be killed. One example is the Catholics and the Puritans. King Henry VIII wanted to make his own religion because he wanted to get divorce and he did. After he died the Roman Catholics thought that they should put their religion back together but the Puritans didn’t want that. So, from then on when a Roman Catholic king or queen was in charge she or he would order the soldier to have the Puritans be put in jail or killed. And the same thing was for the Puritans, if a puritan king or queen was in charge they would kill or throw Catholics in jail. This lasted from 1514 to 1529 (Henry VIII). After this the puritans moved to America and most of the states were divided by religion. The impact this had on the country showed people that we are equal.    There are many good things that come from the first amendment. For example, people can open any religious school they want to. Back in the 1700s some kids couldn’t go to school because they had different religions. Other things that this amendment brings is that the press can say anything they want about the government or the president without getting fined or being thrown in jail. This part stops many religious difference between people. Some people think that all Muslims are terrorists or that Muslims hate Christians. But they don’t and this part of the constitution lets everyone know that everyone is equal. Real life examples that are taking place because of this amendment is the press criticizing the President. If the President were to say one thing the press would change into a whole different thing. The good things this amendment does is protects from the Congress by making laws against these rights. One very recent real-life example of the first amendment is taking a knee in sports. People have been protesting against the president attacking NFL players for taking a knee. President Trump says in a rally in Alabama, “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that off the field right now, out!” As result players got really mad this and more and more of them protested. People thought that doing this was sign of disrespect but taking a knee is a sign of respect and humility (Mccallion). People have bowing down to Kings and Queens for centuries, so most people know it’s a sign of respect, but why when they started to protest they say it’s disrespect. Some NFL players were benched for protesting. Some got death threats from their fans and other were castigated by the President (Mccallion). This protest is still going on till this day and the congress can’t stop them from doing because the first amendment states, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. This amendment brings good things but these things don’t stop people from protesting or fighting against one another because of differences. About a week ago 26 people were killed in Texas at a church for no reason, the priest’s daughter was shot too. In Dallas people were protesting against the police and some of them were killed due to the protest. In Las Vegas a man shot people enjoying their time at a concert and he killed about 58 people (Levenson and Emanuella). But these amendments prevent the government from stopping a protest. People can write anything they want in the press without being stopped even if it’s fake or not. You can’t be judged by your religion. And you have the right to say anything you want.

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