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There are currently 323.1 million people in the United States. All of us have either ourselves or fathers, grandfathers, great grand fathers or ancestors who have immigrated to the United States to be where we are today. Immigration has played a big role in America’s history since the beginning of our evolution and has shaped us into the people we are today. In this essay I’ll be  describing each of the immigration waves of the US throughout history. Because of the immigration waves and immigration itself we are able to understand more of America’s history and how we have always been a multicultural nation.The first people to encounter America were the ancestors of the Native Americans who roamed pre-America for many many years. The first settlers were believed to have traveled over the bering strait,a strip of water between North America and Asia. The year 1,000 Vikings arrived and not long after that-500 years to be exact, Europeans arrived. With the hope of religious and political freedom the Europeans suffered through seasickness, limited food rations, overcrowding,  and diseases on their way across the Atlantic to America. When the europeans and the natives first met, depending on the place, it was either peaceful or violent. The europeans brought diseases such as small pox, measles and the plague among the natives which wiped out tribes and colonies of them. There were many Spanish populating St Augustine,North America by the end of the 1600’s and the British, Dutch and Swedish but the beginning of the 1700s.6 years after the American Revolutionary War ended in 1783 America was becoming, in Thomas Paine’s words, “the asylum for the persecuted lovers of civil and religious liberty from every part of Europe.” What Thomas meant by that quote was that North America was becoming the new better and shiny europe with the freedom of speech, religious beliefs, and of ethnicity. The American population counted up to as many as 3.9 people, this being of english, africa, german,Scottish and Irish, the census takers did not count natives.  Slaves were brought in from Africa and Colombia as early as 1619 and was only banned by the congress may many years later into 1808. The english tricked and lured the servants with promises of land and better living circumstances in the price of 4 to 7 years of unpaid labour. By the 1800’s the british population became the most largest, although the amount of skilled workers grew bigger which this caused the british parliament to become worrisome and forced others to create a immigrant ban. Although that did not work out i guess. In 1790 the first Naturalization Act stated that “…any alien, being a free white person, may be admitted to become a citizen of the United States…” who had been in the US for as long as 2 years, which in turn caused trouble for servants, slaves and most women. Fast forward to the 1800’s immigration has slowed down increasingly over the years with the war in 1812 between britain and america. And napoleon frances disrupted shipping lanes/As many as 15.3 million immigrants came during the second wave from many ethnicity and religious backgrounds. The graph showed that there was many as 3,000,000 germans, 2,800,000 Irish, 2,000,000 British, 1,000,000 hungarians, 750,000 canadians, 230,00 chinese and 50,000 africans. The europeans and chinese came due to the work opportunity, the gold rush. And the irish came because of the potato famine. Other european countries because of land disruption and industrialization. When the europeans and chinese arrived they experienced extreme backlash along with racism and nativism and were casted out as the Americans accused them of stealing their jobs, this causing popular anti-immigrant and christian protests among America. Speaking of protests, the know-nothings were known as the most influential anti-immigrant nativist political party, or as the American party. They were anti catholic and were a secret society, this being why they were named the know-nothings because members were told to reply with “i know nothing” whenever asked about it. During this time they opposed any foreign immigrant ethnicities that were not born in America. During this time the yellow peril existed. Yellow peril is the racist term for the east Asians also known as the “yellow terror” because they were believed to be a great threat to America. In 1880-1930 immigrants made up of 87% of immigrants had been from Northwestern Europe (the British Isles, Germany, and Scandinavia), by 1900, over 80% were from Southern and Eastern Europe (Italy, Russia, Austria-Hungary)  started coming through what was known as Ellis Island.Ellis Island is located in the upper bay just off the new jersey shore just past the statue of liberty. People would use the transportation of boats to get to the island. Depending on social class, first and second class departed at Hudson Rivers, NY while the 3rd or lower class landed on Ellis island. The treatment on the boats for the 3rd class was horribly poor, they settled in the open area under the boat decks with no proper cabins or privacy and slept on metal beds. The passengers were known to get seasick often and would all gather together on the ship deck just to get fresh air because of the horrid smells beneath deck. When they arrived on Ellis Island they were lined up in the new federal immigrant process center with all their belongings and papers proving that they were attainable to get access into the US. Although they had to pass medical and psychological tests to prove that they weren’t holding any diseases or other things like that.  Once entered the united states many immigrants settled down into poor urban neighborhoods with poor housing and usually lived around their ethnic groups such as little italy  and had their own businesses, churches etc. From 1965bto the present day A total of 315,000+ immigrants came during the fourth wave, mostly consisting of 4,300,00 mexicans, 1,400,00 philippines, 760,000 koreans, 750,000 dominican republicans,  740,000 indians, 720,000 cubans, 700,000 vietnamese and 650,000 canadians.The rate of immigrants were rapidly growing higher in result of the immigrant and naturalization act that was signed by president Lynden Johnson in 1965, the immigration and naturalization act governs immigration and citizenship in the United States. It raised the amount of  immigrants allowed in to the us that has raised to a million a year.  Although this gave immigrants hope all over the world but it caused an anti-immigrant feel to resurface during the 90’s.  Also another cause for immigration  would have to be war. During the fourth wave in the late 1930’s  we were currently in World War 11 times in Europe,  this caused a small amount of refugees seeking safety from the Nazi’s presecution. Once war was declared against the Axis, German and italian residents in the us were detained and the Japanese were imprisoned. After the war the refugee crisis still continued and millions of refugees were left looking for new places to stay but only hundreds of thousands were offered to enter the us with the displaced persons act.  During 1956-1957 38,000 Hungarians were admitted into the US in result of them failing to uprise against the Soviets,although this was only the first of many. When they had come into the US the government had given preferences to immigrants with skilled professionals, such as doctors, nurses, scientists, and hi-tech specialists. Mainly immigrants moved to California, making california the crossroads of America’s newest cultures. With president Johnson being the new face of America, many acts were drawn up  during these times. The immigration and naturalization being one that i already have mentioned and the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act. the Immigration Reform and Control Act was created to solve the problem with the number of illegal immigrants that was rising. Though this act was somewhat effective it also produced a nativist anti-immigrant backlash. I believe that immigrants during the 4th wave have definitely changed the face of america to as we are today. Seven states such as California, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey have over more than 70%  of the immigration population and immigrants are believed to have given many depressed american city streets life again and have made them thrive. We have welcomed many new different ethnicities and religions and have given America more culture than it has ever seen.There are currently 323.1 million people in the United States. The main idea of each and every wave I believe is that immigration is not only apart of our history as a 21st century but as a journey of all of our past joined together to create the community  that we live in now as the future of america. We have come so far as a country of immigrants and that all of the immigration waves of the US has proved that. No matter if we were born in america or born in a different country, we are all immigrants and that definitely has played a big role in America’s history. For me, immigration in the US has been has been happening since America became its own country and it will continue to do so many years on.  

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