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“There is nothing
permanent except change” – Heraclitus. 
This quote is quintessential to the field of Computer Science.  We started a project two years back,
with Angular 1.5 as the frontend framework (Angular 1.5 was released in November
2015), but by the time the project concluded (in November 2017), we saw
three major releases – Angular 2, Angular 4 and Angular 5.  Standing at this point, I see that Angular 1.5
is almost obsolete and inefficient compared to the later releases.  This made it quite evident that continuous
learning and adapting to Advent of Technology is vital for survival in this
industry.  In this pursuit of continuous learning, I would like to pursue
Masters in Computer Science. 

My interest
in Computer Programming dates back to the first year of my Undergraduate
Studies. We learn basics of all subjects from Civil and Mechanical to Computers
and Electronics in the first year of Undergraduate Studies in India.  My love and interest in programming was so
profound that I decided to change my major from Bio Technology to Information
Science. Having secured about 85% in C programming in my first year, my college
was happy to grant me the course change. 
Having no prior experience in programming, in neither school nor pre
university education, and yet securing a good percentage in C programming
boosted my confidence and knew programming was my forte.

I have excelled in academics at every stage of my education.  I graduated 10th standard with 80.57% from B.
P. Indian Public School, affiliated to Indian Certificate of Secondary
Education (ICSE) board.  Graduated Pre-University education with 76.75%
(in core subjects) from Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College, affiliated to Karnataka Board of Pre-University education.
 Graduated from Undergraduate Program
with 75.44% (First Class with Distinction) and Information Science as my Major from Acharya Institute of
Technology, affiliated to Visvesvarya Technological University (VTU). 
All the boards mentioned above are top-notch boards of India.  Having
had the chance to study in these boards and prestigious schools has not only
given me the opportunity to excel in subjects but also given me immense
practical exposure to the technical studies.

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My Undergraduate
education at Acharya Institute of Technology has provided me with a strong and
comprehensive foundation in Computer Science. The curriculum included all the
basic courses from Computer hardware to software; and from software programming
to software testing; such as Data Structures, Design and Analysis of
Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming with C++, JAVA & J2EE, Discrete Structures,
Computer Organization, Microprocessors, Programming with C, Software
Engineering, Software Architecture, Database Management Systems, Computer
Networks, Software Testing, etc.  These
subjects have provided me with strong basics of Computer Science, the importance
of compatible hardware and software, importance of quality assurance and
software engineering process among many other.

Undergraduate Final Year Project was “Motion detection using Image
processing”.  In this Group Project of 4,
we used JAVA image processing APIs for pixel comparison to detect motion and
notify the subscribers along with optional online video streaming.  The project was successfully implemented with
unit testing scripts in a span of eight months. 
Working with the team and playing different roles from a developer to a tester;
and from a team leader to a team player; I equipped myself with required skills
and readied myself for the IT industry.

Soon after my
graduation I was placed with Mindtree as a Software Developer.  At Mindtree, I received three months of
rigorous Industrial Training on C# and Dot net. 
Having topped the campus hires batch, I was placed with the RND team of
Mindtree called Centre of Excellence (CoE). 
It was here that I worked on the latest technologies and prepared Proof
of Concepts and got to work with so many technologies like Backbone JS, Angular
JS, React JS, Node JS, Mongo DB, D3 JS, MEAN stack to name a few.  Through this team I was deployed to a Client
Project, Avis Budget Group, which had an immediate requirement for Angular JS
and have been working for this client ever since.  It is here that my interest for Mobile technologies was born.

Working on
the various requirements of the Client, we were faced with a situation when the
client made an ad hoc request to develop a mobile app while redesigning their
website.  Due to lack of skilled resources
in mobile technologies and project timelines, we had to convince the Client for
a responsive web site instead of a mobile app. 
Since then I have been wanting to learn more of the mobile technologies.

The Computing Science MSc program at University College Cork, is fully
suited to my goals and aspirations. 
Mobile technologies are my area of interest which is offered at the
University as electives. I have also been impressed by the facilities available
at University College Cork. These are much superior to those available to a
graduate student in India.  Taking all these factors into account, I feel
that University College Cork is the perfect place for my graduate studies and I
am confident that a degree from here will take me a long way in my career.

I believe
that I possess the motivation, intellectual ability, confidence and preparation
to do justice to a demanding graduate program. My good undergraduate record and
achievements at work are a testimony to that.

I, therefore, look forward to joining
your University as a graduate student.

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