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There has
been a lot of conspiracy and speculation over the real origin of the most known
cryptocurrency in the world bitcoin. Lots of people have been coming out with
ridiculous or even absurd fanciful theories. This time, the Russian expert in
cybersecurity Natalya Kaspersky has probably swollen the ranks of such

who is the CEO of the InfoWatch group of companies as well as an expert in
cybersecurity systems, said that BTC is a ‘project of US intelligence’. She
believes that it was developed for funding both American and British
specialized agencies and their practices all over the globe. Kaspersky, who is
also a co-founder of the self-titled lab, named bitcoin as “dollar 2.0”.

Intelligence ‘Schemes’

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to the Russian pro-Kremlin news agency Sputnik, Kaspersky made a statement
during her speech at the large state ITMO University in Saint Petersburg.
Talking about info wars and supreme cyber power, the Russian expert
demonstrated a presentation, in which it was mentioned:

is a project of American intelligence agencies, which was designed to provide
quick funding for US, British and Canadian intelligence activities in different

It was also
said in the Kaspersky’s presentation that BTC crypto technology is ‘privatized’
the way lots of others are, including the global system Internet, free software
for anonymous communication TOR and the space-based radio navigation system
owned by the US GPS. She also believes that the value of BTC is managed by the
holders of exchange platforms the way dollar’s price is established.

the US government is one among few authorities in the world which can track all
the crypto transactions to prevent money laundering.

Who Is

It is
widely believed and accepted that the first decentralized cyber currency
bitcoin was designed and launched by a person or a group of anonyms called
‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. For the first time bitcoin was presented nine years ago,
back in 2009. Since then, nobody has been able to discover the
identity/identities of bitcoin’s creator/s until today.

Kaspersky is sure that Satoshi Nakamoto is merely the title for a team of
cryptographers from the US. That must look obvious as long as her theory
envisages the supply for the US intelligence performance.

is Suspicious

it was not the only bitcoin that got under Kaspersky’s hummer. The Russian
expert also emphasized in her presentation that smartphones, which are
preferably a common thing nowadays than a bandwagon, cannot be regarded as
personal items.

to Kaspersky’s words, although developed for work and entertainment, these
gadgets are used for touting their holders from a distance.

according to Pundi X recent survey, 12% of the Russian poll respondents have
claimed they own cryptocurrencies. 53% of Russian claimed they purchased
bitcoins or its ilks 6 six months ago or more. The Russian government, at the
same time, is considering the ways of regulating cryptos in the country as well
as thinks of launching the state virtual currency ‘cryptoruble’.

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