about the Relationship between Short term memory and Long term memory


            According to Alison Preston, a
helper at University of Texas, the process of upgrading short term memory to
become a long time memory will be needing the help of the time. this process is
where a one event in one person’s life will need to have an unforgettable
factor for it to become permanent in one person’s memory storage. As the
memories combine in the memory storage it will undergo to sudden changes, the
more the memory is longer the more it will become blurry. But if that one event
will be continued and has other connections to newer memories, there is a
possibility that these memory will stay longer and still become intact inside
the memory storage.

            Every memory has different values
whether it is worthy to be treasured longer or not. For example, you will
remember what you answered what you answer in yesterday’s quiz but if you don’t
study this question and memorize it you won’t be able to remember it in your
finals after 3 months. There are memories that is needed to store longer in
our  brain like the date of your birthday
but the events like remembering what’s yesterday’s menu won’t last in our
memory for the next years and decades.

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            The process of making the memory to
become long term, relies on the hippocampus. The cells and the movements of the
neurons inside the brain will be the one responsible for filtering the memories
being pushed inside the memory storage. If the neuron can communicate with
another neuron, then there is a possible way for the memory to have the
unforgettable factor and become long term from being in the short term area.

            Over the passing of time the systems
that supports the cells will become brittle. One person can still remember that
one particular memory but will not remember it very clearly like before. For
example, the face of your bestfriend in your gradeschool. You may still
remember his/her name and his/her looks, but you will not be able to recognizes
his/her full characteristics.

            When there is a formed memory,
hippocampus will be the one to spread the information to the other memories.
Damage to the hippocampus can affect every cell that supports memory storage.
It happens naturally when a person becomes old. They can suffer from having a
little dementia and can sometime lead to the illness called Alzheimer, where
you will slowly forget all the events that happened into your life one by one.
There are many ways to prevent this kind of situations. One important way is to
have a good amount of sleep, water and exercise. Drinking supplements like
vitamins to strengthen memory can also help.

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