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In my community the church is not involved what so ever with the citizens. It is a very conservative an intimidating atmosphere just attending the church. My perception of this church makes me not want to attend church. This church needs to reach out and change its imagine by getting more involved with citizens such as myself and prove to the community that it is not at all what I had previously perceived it as. The church also needs unity. Churches cannot communicate God’s love if they cannot stop fighting and arguing over what they believe is a perfect church.

Towns emphasizes this fact by stating Matthew 18:20 “for where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am in the midst of them. ” A church is just a gathering of people to worship the Lord. Without people, the churches we attend would just be a building. The churches need to quit fighting over whether to use rock bands or organs to sing hymns. We can be under a bridge, just as they do at the Church Under the Bridge in Waco, TX. These Christians meet every Sunday underneath a busy Interstate Highway and praise God together.

It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, black or white, the Church Under the Bridge attempts to avoid denominational, cultural, economic, or racial distinctions. As stated on their website “We are a multi-cultural church committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the unity of His Spirit. ” We need more churches like these in society to communicate the Lord’s love in a positive outlook. How do the arguments for the existence of God influence your view of the supernatural? The argument for the existence of God has influenced my view of the supernatural in a more positive outlook. The Bible does not directly define supernatural.

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Supernatural define by Merriam – Webster as “of or relating to an order of existence beyond the visible observable universe; especially: of or relating to God or a god, demigod, spirit, or devil” and also as “departing from what is usual or normal especially so as to appear to transcend the laws of nature. ” There are many instances of supernatural events in the Bible. The Bible leaves evidence of these supernatural happenings in forms of prophecies when God spoke to humans, and when Jesus descended to human form in the Incarnation. Another great piece of supernatural evidence that occurred is when Jesus rose from the dead.

The events are completely and utterly unexplainable by human laws and reason. The evidence of angels is the best example for me. The Bible states that in Daniel 3:28 that Angels are here to protect God’s people. People cannot see angels but God stated that they are here protecting us. The supernatural does not scare or frighten me because I know that God created the supernatural. I believe that God’s power and control of supernatural events are far from human understanding and that I must let Him take control of what needs to happen at that time. There are things on this Earth that cannot and will never be understood.

Supernatural events, miracles, and “freak accidents” are the Lord’s way of intervening. Looking through everything that I have learned in Theology, I have a clearer understanding of how and why things happen. I have also answered some questions that I had asked myself from the beginning of class. Supernatural events are everyday occurrences where God intervenes with humans. Jesus did claim divinity throughout many statements in the Bible. I have also come up with some ideas about how my church can better communicate with our community. THEO 104 Course Paper Grading Scale

(include as the last page of your paper) Possible Points Points Received Content: Does the paper cover the subject as thoroughly as possible? Are three topics covered? Does it demonstrate a personal understanding of the subject? 40 Introduction: Paper has an introductory paragraph 10 Structure: Did student provide headings for each section? 5 Conclusion: Paper is given a concluding paragraph 10 Spelling/Grammar 20 Grading Rubric: Is this page provided as the last page of the paper? 5 Format: Is the paper 12 point, Times New Roman font and one-inch margins, double-spaced 10 Comments from Instructor:

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