The design we would create structure is similar to a band or bracelet. The device, as stated before would be painless, be able to provide history of glucose through long periods of time, and would remind you to check sugar levels when needed by flashing a light and making a beeping noise until the issue is resolved. This design would be better than the technology that is currently being worked on and created. It would be better because the device wouldn’t cause any pain which would be a pro for all diabetics. The device not causing any pain is especially good for those that are younger and have diabetes. Young diabetics often have issues checking their glucose levels because they simply want to be a kid and not have to be as responsible. The device would be good because it doesn’t cause pain and make the younger diabetics have to go through any pain and would instead just get its job done whilst keeping them safe at the same time. Our design would also be better because unlike the other designs because it’s not complex and doesn’t require any other gadgets, unlike most of the devices that are already created or that are being created currently. Not having to use any other gadgets would be a good thing because you would no longer have to rely on two different devices and instead there will be only one device that you would need for everything. Having all the information on a single  device would make things easier on everyone and get the job done quicker. Along with our device only being on one gadget instead of multiple ones, it would also remind you to check when to fix your glucose levels. It would do this by flashing and making a noise that would gain your attention. This is better than most devices already created because they don’t have anything that can warn you when glucose levels are low but instead you have to manually check every once in awhile. Having to check so frequently can easily cause laziness and a sense of “I think I’m okay for now”, when in reality diabetics have no idea what they can be putting themselves through by having this mindset. Overall our device would be easier to use and more accessible than the technology already created.Consequences:Every technology has its advantages and disadvantages. If the technology described ever became a reality, it would help those who suffer with diabetes keep their blood sugar in check and make the treatment process easier. Most of the technology available for diabetes today requires people to regularly check their blood sugar, which can be a hassle and can also be dangerous, since people may occasionally forget. The device would make it easier to keep track of the person’s blood sugar. Some disadvantages would be that the device does not directly treat the person, but only alerts them whenever treatment is necessary. If a person does not pay attention or ignore the device when it alerts them of irregular blood sugar levels, it can be dangerous and their blood may become way too high or too low. Another consequence is that if the batteries are low and someone is in a difficult situation and they are in desperate need of the device, problems can occur. Conclusion:Diabetes is a very deadly disease that affects so many people the United States and around the world. New and improved technology is a must and is very important to reduce and potential risks. Without improved technology, new conditions could develop along with the fact that the disease may possibly never be cured. Improved technology is also important to make daily duties easier on those with any illnesses. The piece of technology we would create would do all of the listed duties and make it less of a hassle for diabetics as a whole. If the technology we created actually were to become a reality, it could decrease issues diabetics face and could make their lives much easier. The technology that is already created all helps diabetics, but all have their negative effects. Complexity can cause issues and laziness which could quickly lead to more people being diagnosed with diabetes and can easily make diabetes be diagnosed with other illness or diseases related to diabetes. If no new technology is created, there could easily be no end to diabetics and the issue could go on forever.

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