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The article illustrates
the dilemma of women to get involved in working. The dilemmas are from
employers’ toleration, encouragement from men especially spouses and difference
in income. The author optimistic that women can also be the one who change the
global economies by being a leaders, an entrepreneurs and even and innovators.The first dilemma is
from employers’ toleration. The employers need to give flexible working
arrangement for women so that they can balance their work and life. For
instance, flexible days and suitable working schedule can be offer by employers
especially to women with children. This allow them to manage their life better
as a working parents.Besides that, the dilemma
of encouragement from men especially spouses. Usually, men would think that
women are passive and will only depend on men. This makes women looks weak to
do anything by themselves. The old view persist that women should take care of children
and do household chores at home while men will work to support their family financially.
The author further
highlights is difference in income between women and men. Nowadays, women’s
salary are less than men even though women are better educated. It became a
norm in the corporate world that men are promoted based on their capabi while women
are promoted on the past performance of work.We totally disagree
with the author that women need support to stay at work. This is because
everything that they do depends on women itself. Women have the right to choose
whether to speak up to get involve in a career life or even to be timid and do
nothing. But they will lose everything if they keep being quiet with their own
desire. Therefore, when the dire to work arises, women should stop complaining
and solve the issue themselves as all of it start with their own will. This is
proven that women need to be independent in managing their own life as women
nowadays can also hold the responsibilities in changing global economy in life.

As a conclusion, women
need to use their creativity to earn a living as they might lose their career
if they never speak up. It is not too late for women to break the stereotypes
and create a new history to reach the peak of their career. Hence, women need
to take the issues regarding employers’ support, disparity in income and
support from men as challenges to move forward in order to change the world. 

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