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The countries
with political unrest and less rights given were more likely to answer on the
lower end of the Cantril scale of 0-3 and countries that are more stable ranked
8-10 on the happiness scale. While the study had good data given from the
surveys there was no specification if the Gallup World Poll is
self-administered or hand-given. No specific age range given so there could be
bias in what ages were given the survey. I study like this, that looks at
happiness, should look into the health issues that show up when comparing the
countries that answer on the lower end of the scale as opposed to the higher
end. Overall, this was a good study to consider when researching how other
countries varying in status, wealth and political stability effects a group of
people in how they view the happiness in their lives.

The author,
writes about a research study that talk about how to measure and evaluate the
aspects of well-being. The intended audience for this study is healthcare professionals
around the world. In the fourth World
Happiness Report from 2016, life evaluations were studied from surveys from
Gallup World Poll of 1000 residents in 157 countries. The subjects were told to
evaluate their range of satisfaction with life on the Cantril ladder scale of
0-10. After studying the results it was found, worldwide, 5 was the most common
answer given, while a sixth of the survey group were on both the lowest and
highest ends of the scale. There were other variables were investigated to
account for the difference the numbers, such as the freedom to make life
choices, opinions on corruption, war, social support and healthy life
expectancies. It was determined that those with political unrest, like sub-Saharan
Africa, it was 32% that ranked in the lower end of the scale which is 0-3. On
the other side of the world it is the opposite, in North America 49% answered
at the higher end of the scale from 8-10.

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