The Internet has made a great impact
on the world of computer and communications like nothing before. People can be
able to share all information and interact with each other regardless of the
limit of space and time. Network protocols is a set of rules that govern
communications between devices which recognize and connect to each other, and
formatting rules that specify how data is packed into sent and received

The Internet
Protocol (IP) is a protocol that helps computers to communicate with each other
by data on the Internet. Web browser is one of the applications interact with
higher-level of Internet Protocol. However, computer hardware and networks
adapters interplay the lower-level Internet Protocol. There is no guarantee
that Internet Protocol ensure a successful transmission of data. Even if the
Internet Protocol is considered as unreliable and connectionless protocols, it
can be paired with TCP at the transport layer. The internet Protocol is the
most widely used network protocols.

Some people used to believe wired
networks were faster and more secure than wireless networks. However, the
continued increase in wireless networking standards and technologies has eroded
these speed and security differences. Due to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE, wireless
network is one of the world’s most popular network technologies. This is a very
common part of our everyday life and it is now easy to take Wi-Fi for granted. Since networks
protocols need to wander mobile devices, the data confidentiality and integrity
is one of the most important problems in in wireless networks security.
Meanwhile, network protocols manage the problems of variable data rates such as
some classify information about national security, military applications or

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The wireless
network is known as Wi-Fi, although there is no direct or related concepts of
technologies between them. However, most of the wide world wireless devices
rely on the network protocols. Because none of the network protocols is best
for the variety of wireless applications that most of them are based on higher
speed and better connections on mobile devices.

The routing protocol is a proprietary protocol
designed specifically for network routers on the Internet, and define other routers, manage routes between the source
and destination of network messages. Management of routers need to understand
the basic language of the router, the routing protocol. There are three common
routing protocols such as EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP. These protocols are interior protocols, because they
can exchange the routing information between autonomous on the internet which
means making dynamic routing decisions. Thousands of different network
protocols have been created to support communications between computers and
other types of electronic devices. Some routing protocol allows routers to
construct complete mapping and tracking of all network links within a region, a
regional information network and some other routing allows routers use less.
            A network protocol defines the
rules of communication between network devices and the Convention. Some
protocol message confirmation also supports reliable and high performances
communication network design and data compression. Many variety computers have
developed network protocols which are designed for a particular purpose and

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