The Hunger Games: Rich v. PoorIn a dystopian future, the totalitarian nation of Panem is divided into 12 districts and the Capitol. Each year representatives from each district are selected by lottery to participate in The Hunger Games. As retribution for a past rebellion, the tournament games are broadcast throughout the nation. The twenty-four tributes are forced to kill their competitors while the citizens of Panem are required to watch. When Katniss’ young sister, Prim, is selected as District Twelve’s female representative, Katniss volunteers to take her place. Peeta who is the male tribute in the same district, are putagainst bigger, stronger representatives of different districts, some of whom have been trained for this their whole lives.The characters I will be discussing are Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch with those characters comes the bigger arguments of the movie. Although the book/movie is based off a dystopia, it is very close to historical relations of race and the dynamic of wealth. In the hunger games we see a strong overall argument of Rich v. Poor. Seeing the contrast of Katniss Everdeen being from District 12 versus the richer districts. District 12 one of the more poor districts of Panem what is post nuclear North America. We see the first contrast of rich v poor by taking a look into district one: the capitol with large buildings and developed landscapes. The people who live there all look well off and taken care of. As opposed to Katniss district who the people looked tired dirty and hungry. The district is also heavily policed. I noticed that people in the capitol have no police presence. As in real life the wealthy neighborhoods do not have a heavy police presence. The hunger games have a larger argument of rich v poor by making the movie contrast how privileged and wealthy people can control society through the power of manipulation. To manipulate the poor and less fortunate is to dominate and keep power. The whole purpose of the hunger games is to manipulate the poor to fall in line of what President Snow wants. We also see another strong argument of Killing for Sport. In districts like five, two, and one we have career tributes who train their whole lives to be selected in the hunger games. The would be tributes look at the Hunger Games as a sport. Their privilege of being wealthy keeps them from responsibilities so they have their whole life to train. In the scene when the actual tournament starts you see the career Tributes kill mostly the people from poorer districts who have little to no power to defend themselves. The career tributes later team up to hunt down people from other districts. It is also another unfair advantage they have they have sponsors that will buy them things and they also control the cornucopia. At one point in the movie the career tributes are seeming to laugh and smile while chasing Katniss. It could be assumed that the tributes enjoyed killing for sport. The relationship between Katniss and Peeta caused some casual arguments because Peeta announced that he was in love with her on national television. Before that he announced that he pondered about telling her and didn’t want to talk to her days before his interview. Confessing his love for her on national television caused Katniss to feel a way and slammed him into a wall. This casual disagreement only lasted for a few seconds but changed the whole dynamic of the movie. By giving the two a nickname of “star-crossed lovers” which might gain them sponsorship support during the games. Moreover the casual argument of how to survive came up between the three of Haymitch Katniss & Peeta while discussing what to do when the tournament starts. Peeta blurts out he does not think he could kill someone and Haymitch says in a sarcastic tone that if someone tries to kill you he would be able too. Although Katniss keeps her comments to herself she silently agrees with Haymitch.  He gives the two the keys to survival is ensuring they are well liked by the public so that they may get sponsored. By having sponsors they will have more access to survival tools such as matches, knives, or even water and medicine.? Peeta Mellark struggles with the thought of killing someone for game. He struggles with his thoughts if killing another human being would change him. Even if he wins would he still be himself afterwards. Peeta believes whole heartedly that this is wrong and that the whole idea of killing someone in insane. Of the pair his is more the emotional one of the group furthermore by him broadcasting his love for Katniss was very logical it did help them get support and sponsors that were willing to help them. Katniss was a piece of the logic by coming up with multiple schemes and befriending the right people. Katniss was able to save Peeta’s life by playing into the hands of the sponsor’s by wanting the couple to kiss, she might have not want to do it but it was a logical thing to do.  Also at the end anannouncement then states that the rules which allowed two winners has been revoked, meaning only one shall remain. Peeta begs Katniss to kill him so that she may win but she takes out her hand and holds out some Nightlock berries. She takes some for herself and gives the rest to Peeta, hinting that she’d rather the Capitol have no winners instead of one. Before they commit suicide the game makers stop them and say they won the hunger games tournament. In a way the main argument of the Hunger Games has to do with today’s society, the poor try to survive at all cost. One of the most prevalent themes in The Hunger Games is survival, and keeping your humanity and dignity as you try to survive. Katniss and Peeta must survived the games of course, but they also must survive their daily lives in the district. The capitol has made life incredibly difficult for those living in the districts, and to survive the lack of food and adequate necessities requires great strength of spirit.  

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