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great desperation comes with the one word
in our minds is the black Tuesday. No one
can forget about that day when the stock
exchange crash prompted extraordinary offering of 1, 30, 000, 00
shares alone on 24th Oct 1929., also crash was also known as
Wall Street crash. This depression caused may economic, social, and political
impacts upon the worker’s life and their
families and government. Million were become
jobless and live life below the line of poverty. 1

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s
New Deal works as anti-venom for the
Great Depression, and bring America out
of it, by giving employment, reliefs,
reforms, and recovery to state and its
people. Also, he helps Americans by retaining their hopes and motivate them by his
historic quotes

“The only thing we
have to fear is fear itself.”          

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country’s history is full of historical
example about motivation and hope. The two most highlighted eras in the history
of our country are a great depression. The great economic disaster faced by our state is in the shape of Great
Deprecation. “The Great Depression
was a period amid the 1930s when there were an overall monetary discouragement
and mass joblessness.” The impacts of the Great Depression varied
across finished states, yet in numerous countries,
it started in 1930 and continued going until the late 1930s
or focus 1940s. It was the longest and hardest pity of the
twentieth century. Our country had to start late encountered its most foremost minutes known as the thundering
twenties, and now it’s in its most noteworthy minutes known as the Great
Depression. President Hoover and President Roosevelt
did their best to endeavor to turn the nation’s
future around and enhance it. This example can
understand the economic condition of the people. According to some
facts, in New York, more than 6000 vendors walked to streets for sale of apple
in just 5 cents each. The worst condition can be
understood by this song name “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime.” It was the
biggest hit song in 1932 2

            That depression era had disaster
impacts the workers socially and economically. And left the harsh scars upon the
sovereignty of our country and also the worker’s
life too. By 1929, an estimated 40 percent of the population still lived in
poverty. Fishers found them in difficulty when they saw the fish exports has tremendously decreased from 16
million dollars to 7.3 million dollars. Almost every fisher continuously in debt
to merchants who lend them food, supplies and other living essentials on credit
and took their catch as payments.  3

            It was the hard times for
the country to survive in the Great Desperation era. When unemployment goes to
45%, child labor became common, and 25 million people lost their jobs, works
were living in hand to mouth situations, people were losing their hope. The country
also faced the social problems among the people in black and white differences.
Political issues were there between the people and people are blaming the
government for their situation. But Frankrosvelt has overcome these all
political, social, and economic impacts and bring back the country to its
normal position. And definitely, it will harm not only my mind but also my
actions towards country thinking and also make me greedy for my self.

            To tackle
all of the impacts of the Depression-era, the new deal is the best tackle
policy, with additional reforms for the country by passing an amendment in the
constitution and also by making new ways of opportunity for a country favor and
motivating country people by showing them the actual reforms, so that they can
even work for the welfare of their selves and their country.

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