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The idea on college and how necessary it is for students to attend has been a become a very broad discussion. It has been said by many authors (Charles Murray, Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill, and Freeman Hrabowski) that sometimes college is not always needed for some professions. Being a current freshman in college, I was able to relate with what each author had to say about the idea of students furthering in higher education by attending a university or technical college. At some points in the arguments each author addressed a few similarities and a few differences about their overall thought about college. Each author giving either opinions and facts about what they believe, personal experience or statics. Upon the idea of students going or not going to college, each author spoke upon other things that goes under going to college, such as the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining a bachelor’s degree and their opinion on it, spoke about why or why not college is not a choice all students have to make, and also the cost. Those just being a few points that each author spoke on.Although most people go to college as a way to further their education and have a higher paying profession, that is not always needed. It is more likely for those who want to work in things like the medical field to go to college simply because it takes more than just high school education for that profession. Charles Murray explains that someone who is better in a certainsubject will perform better in it because it is something that they thoroughly enjoy. “And because she’s good at it, she is also likely to enjoy it”. (239) In Murray’s case, he thinks college can sometimes be very pointless and a waste of both money and time. Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill agree in the same sense, they both go to say that “By telling all young people that they should go to college no matter what, we are actually doing some of them a disservice”. (209) That statement basically goes to say there are some young adults who do not have to take the extra route to spending money to further in education just to have a higher paying job in the long run. In contrast to what Murray, Owen and Sawhill believes about college being a waste of time, Freeman Hrabowski starts the opening of this text by saying “Those who claim education is a waste of time are missing the bigger picture”. (259) Hrabowski believes that college is not a waste of time because he states that those who decide to go to college are much more likely to be employed than those with only a high school diploma and earn higher salaries. If students had the write people to stir them into the right direction, many students would know what is the right choice for them as well.Not only is college the next step for preparing one for a job, more importantly it is preparing one for life. The cost of college, is the reason to why many do not attend. “Students can find institutions public and private, two-year or four-year for just about any educational and niche and budget”. (260) Learning as much as possible about whatever institution someone is considering is important. Not being able to pay off the money borrowed from student loans is another big issue that comes with furthering in education. Those who choose to take on however many years after undergrad to getting a bachelor’s degree face being debt. Murray claims that the route to obtaining a B.A. is timely, and also costly which is why he does not believe it is necessary for everyone to get. Charles Murray also says that one with a B.A. degree is offeredmore benefits than one without. “But while it is true that the average person with a B.A. makes more than the average person without ..”. (246) In agreeance with Murray, Owen and Sawhill also agree that people with a high school diploma make at least as much as those with a bachelor’s degree, and those with a bachelor’s degree make more than those with a professional degree.

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