The diagram above have two different types of needs which
are the human needs and the employee needs. The top of the pyramid is the self-
actualization where the human needs are developing your full potential and a
sense of achievement and  the employee
needs are to take on more responsibilities and the potential of promotion and
development. Second on the pyramid  are
the Esteem needs where the human needs is to feel valued by other people
working on the same department and to have a status and recognition, which the
employee needs are to have a promotion opportunities and a very positive
feedbacks from the manager to feel valued by. Third of the pyramid is the
Social needs where the human needs are a friendship in the working environment,
a sense of belonging and to gain respects from other employee, where the
employee needs is a supportive work colleagues to work in an efficient way,
working as team are most needed and a good working relationships. The forth of
the pyramid are the safety and the security needs  where the human needs are they need a
personal safety and security to work on a safety condition and the employee
needs are a job security such as if anything happened they can do something in
return and a safe working environment are also needed by most of the employees.
last but not least the physiological needs where the human needs are the food ,
clothing and a shelter whereas the employee needs are a reasonable wage or
salary in return of their hardwork.

To maxamise the labour productivity businesses must ensure
that their employees are able to satisfy their needs higher up in their
hierarchy than the physiological needs. For example, after satisfying their
physiological needs, security needs and social needs, people will only
motivated further in their life  if they
feel valued and trusted by others (esteem needs) and are able to use their
creativity and develop to their full potential needs for self- actualization.

Siemens provides its employees with the opportunity to
fullfill their higher order needs. Where the company recognizes that skilled
and creative workers like engineers want to be able to develop, test and
implement new ideas. Allowing them the freedom to do so and recognizing their
achievements will also help them to meet 
their esteem needs. For example, Siemens rewards the best ideas through
or individual bonuses or staff celebrations. 

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