The thus leads to patient satisfaction. Bunkenborg et.

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annotated bibliographies focused mainly on the handover of patients which
concerns their safety. This safety is achieved through proper communication of
the members of the healthcare team, involving mainly nurses. In relation to
NSQHS’ communicating for safety standard, these topics greatly affect the
wellbeing of our patients. Communicating effectively and efficiently during
handover of patients plays a major role in ensuring their safety, thus leads to
patient satisfaction.

            Bunkenborg et. al. (2017) focused
mainly on the effectiveness of communication during the handover of patients
from the intensive care unit to the general wards. In their study, it was
revealed that the lack of shared goals during endorsements can greatly affect
the care we give to our patients and can put them at risk. A deeper
understanding of nurses’ communicative interaction is necessary to initiate
focused clinical interventions and secure patient safety. Some key findings in
this study, suggests that nurses from ICU and general wards should have a
common goal to be able to deliver the best care for our patients. During
handoffs, we cannot prevent loss of information if nurses do not properly
endorse the patients. This loss of information can be reduced or eradicated if
proper communication will take place. Through this study, nurses can reflect on
how well they communicate with each other in terms of patient endorsement.
Though there are several difficulties, nurses can develop a way on how to have
shared goals from the Intensive care units to the general medical or surgical
wards. Several ways are suggested by the researchers, such as, trainings,
introduction to the hospital at employment start and during the 2-year post
graduate education in intensive care nursing.

In another study by Groves and her fellow
researchers on safety priming, communication is the most important factor to be
able to activate patients’ safety goals. Although this study only revealed a
small difference, this can help improve the current interventions that nurses
are doing. The values of nurses involved in handover of their patients can be a
factor on how they effectively communicate with their fellow caregivers. The
values we impose to our colleagues can greatly affect the standard of care that
is given to the patients. Proper communication can bridge gaps between nurses,
this study thus helps build a platform for improved patient safety research
design. With the help of this study, it can be said that priming safety through
proper endorsement communication, it can make a difference in nursing safety-
oriented behavior. 

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Lastly, in the study of Staggers and team,
they dived into the effectiveness of using electronic tools during handoffs. In
today’s fast paced technology, the use of this electronic handoff tool can
greatly affect how we nurses communicate with each other during the endorsement
of our patients. Previous study regarding the use of electronic handoff lack dedicated
tools to support patient handoff activities (Implementation
of a Computerized Patient Handoff Application, Vawdrey, D. K., et. Al 2013).
But in this present time, where technology is much more advance, researchers
can now improve these tools.  This study
can have a great impact on how we communicate with fellow nurses considering
the safety of our patients.

These articles will really be
helpful in Australian healthcare setting, since Australia is one of the
countries which has a lot of foreign health workers and nurses which come from
different cultural backgrounds. Through these studies, language barrier and
miscommunication may not be a problem for nurses. Furthermore, if all nurses
and allied health professional work together on ensuring the safety of patients
through proper handoff communication, errors can be minimized and our common
goal will be achieved.

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