The their media and affect local culture subtlety.

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The expression ‘media
imperialism’ implies that imperialism are directly related with the media in
some way. It is a theory based upon an over-concentration of mass media from
larger nations that negatively affect smaller nations. The national identity of
smaller nations is lessened or lost due to media imperialism. The debate on
media imperialism started in the 1970s. Developing countries began to criticise
media control by the developed countries such as the United Kingdom and France.

the United State starts to become the world power and dominates the media, the
American cultural imperialism begins on developing countries. Today, American
movie studios are generally much more successful than their foreign
counterparts. However, the concept to spread media across the global is based McDonaldization
of the product (media). American media outlets seek to achieve a certain degree
of consistency that allows them to broadcast and sell the same product
throughout the world with minimal changes. Even though, the end-game is all
about the profit, American culture is subtlety making its way into local
culture. For instance, weapons such as guns and pistols are widely use in
movies and tv series in America. This reflects on their society where anyone
can own a gun, even a high schooler. 
This culture is adapt into one of the local Malay Drama, Lara Aishah
where weapons are use towards the ending of the story. As you can see, American
cultural imperialism occurs through their media and affect local culture

does this relate to information inequality? A prime example can be shown is how
terrorism attack is perceived in the western world. In American media,
terrorism always revolve around Islam and Muslims. In media, Muslims are always
portrayed as a terrorist, thus creating Islamophobia to the users. The user
will generalise a Muslim as a terrorist if they ever met one on the streets and
stereotype them. They would think that the Muslims roaming around their streets
are carrying bombs and are on a mission for an attack. They however do not know
the beauty of the religion and the people because the media had negatively
portrayed the religion.

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key example of information inequality through media imperialism is on the case
of LGBT movement. Despite the numerous group against the movement, the media is
normalising the movement to gain favour of those who goes along with it. Once
it is normalised by the media, it will become part of the culture of the
society. Similar case was on the feminism. Back in the 70s and 80s, in the
western world, people are against woman working in the main office but since it
was often played in media and movies it became a normal thing to find women
working in the office. In conclusion, media imperialism can either negatively
effect or positively effect a society depending on the issue.

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