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most important factor that influences the acquisition of a second language is motivation. Although second languages
are very hard to study for learners that are not their mother tongue, everyone needs
to learn and practice harshly for many factors. Everyone has both motivation
and aspiration that are different but I believe that in aspiration will be accomplish
if you have clearly defined goals. In commitment it will help to learning in a
second language. Motivation will make the child was self-development in the
long run. All you have to do is to know what you want or for who? If you have no
goals you are recalcitrant. You will never does anything successfully but if
you strive to learning a second language no matter it’s achieved and your dream
will be come true. If without motivation, you can’t succeed anything. There are
no goal posts to aim for and no purpose to strive towards. That are why
motivation is the key to language learning. According to Natalie Cook
(n.d.) “Motivation is an important life skill. The reason it’s important is
because every person on this earth is unique and has a purpose. To steward your
purpose well, you have to be motivated to work towards your goals which helps
your dreams become a reality. Not just for your sake, but the sake of others as
well.” From the words above it’s like myself before I entering to college I
love English language. Therefore, its make me hard to learn and practice it in
anything both memorize the vocabulary and drill the exercise extremely. After
that my life in the university were changed I feel that English major were not
myself. I feel very tired to study and each year, it passed with difficulty.
Until I learning in Japanese language it make me go to study in japan because I
love to studying in Japanese language. This is the reason that why I’ll fight
it again. I will uses
English language in daily life I attempt to find foreigner friend for practice to speak
with them and it make me know that I have weak grammar. It not aim to make me
surrender for English language but it is makes me fight on. I attempt to  improve myself for The goal in the future
that I selected it and I
will do my best and fight for my future.

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