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The boundless possibilities of trying and the gratifying knowledge of the outcome that stimulates an individual for further analysis of a rationale question, is what I find the most  fascinating about Computer Science. Keeping an inquisitive and explorative attitude I believe, leads to a constant learning process.  Something which I want to learn in my life was to know how the implementation of intelligence does, delineate a being’s view on the world and itself? ‘Being’ here is meant, as any system that uses information in the world for its interactions with its surroundings. It can be applied to anything from a caterpillar to a human to a natural language understanding system. While this question is itself quite vague, it’s meaning becomes clearer in the context of a particular field of study. In cognitive psychology, it implies questions about the relationship between language and thought, and how the structures of language affect one’s view of the world. In philosophy of science, it asks to what extent our laws of nature can be considered objective, and to what extent they are merely depictions of the way we organize information about the world. In machine learning, it asks whether we have heuristic model to build another learned model, and how our own implementation of the model might determine or limit the system’s interaction with its environment. Because these questions of intelligence have complexities in many fields, an appropriate angle of attack for this problem is an interdisciplinary one, bringing together the tools of computer science, philosophical studies and cognitive studies. My interest in computer science was sparked when I was in my school, not only with my first taste of the joys of coding, but also with exposure to the different programming languages. I was free there to dabble with whatever interested me; I was an active participant in Olympiads of computer science that were held and other interschool competitions. Being an undergraduate student, I have benefited from the breadth of our College’s syllabi content that has given me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Computer Science and a strong conceptual understanding of the same. In these three and half years of study, I have strived to maintain an approach of expending independent effort in all my endeavors. Over a past one year courses in Machine Learning and Data Science have fostered an interest in the relationship of learned models to the world, and whether it is possible for one intelligent model with great gaps in its understanding of its own intelligence to build another model using Machine Learning algorithms.   I believe University of Toronto is a good place to study this problem because of its great strengths in Machine learning, in Computer Science in general, and in cognitive sciences. An integrated research opportunity with an amicable environment provided by the university is a good sign that questions such as those I would like to pose may be answered within the frame work of the graduate program in Computer Science, which may not be the case at some of the other big name schools.    If I come to University of Toronto, I want to get a thorough  not only in machine learning, but also in the areas like big data analysis and data science, which provide alternative approaches to the problems of the neural networks and cognitive science. A strong background in computer science will give me a solid basis from which to work in exploring the problems that interests me. In addition, I want to continue moving in an interdisciplinary direction by studying related fields of humanities. In particular, I want to develop a firm foundation in philosophy. Machine Learning, the works of Professor Hoffman, has admired me through his research exploration in molecular bio-systems and chromatin biology, in developing models and algorithms transform high-dimensional functional genomics data into traceable patterns. I want to learn to combine the analytical methods of thinking that characterize science and mathematics on one hand and the analogical method of thinking of human on the other hand into an approach that will be appropriate for studying the problems of machine learning. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have tried to obtain a wide variety of experiences so my graduate studies can build upon a solid foundation. My keen interest in the subjects translated into scoring 80% in my academics, and also involved myself in numerous projects, I have developed a device “Biometric-Door Lock” which uses a biometric sensor to open a door which is connected to the LAN can also be accessed from anywhere through the mobile application, which is the most secure, user-friendly and also efficient way to secure lockers or homes. This was was my academic project. I am a certified in the programmer in languages like C, C++, Java, Python, SQL, Android from the sources like Microsoft Virtual Academy, Udemy, IIT Bombay (FOSS), Techgig. I have also worked as an equal member in the team in developing a website and an application for our college fest that was conducted by the Chemical department out of my curiosity. Presently, I am working on “Machine learning table-top robotic arm” project which is a self-learning robotic arm. Apart from the projects undertaken in college, it was my desire to gain exposure in the software industry, and this prompted me to take up various training and internships. From September 2016 – May 2017, I have done an internship as a Web-Developer for an eight month period also I was placed in the company’s ‘Hall of fame’ for my work of excellence; it was a platform for me to put my knowledge into real time projects. Apart from this I was a part of Smart India Hackathon Grand Finale where we developed software for the encryption of Ocean based data which was one of the world’s biggest hackathon held in the month of April 2017. I also gained knowledge about multiple architectures in Networking and Information Security algorithms and how socket programming works during this hackathon.   Simultaneously, active participation in a wide range of extracurricular activities has ensured the all-round development of my personality. I have been an active member of “Sahaaya” which is a non-profit organization for Orphans. I have also taken part in various Street Cause activities which helped the needy. Apart from this, I acted as a team leader for my academic projects in my college a responsibility that included acting as a bridge between my team members, my project guide and other professors. This experience brought to the fore my leadership abilities, while also assisting in honing my social skills. I was an active student during my Schooling and Secondary education I have participated in various competitive exams like Olympiads in the logical subjects like Math, and Sciences, also I have been an active participant in environment friendly activities that were held in our school and college. I play throw-ball and badminton as a hobby and won many matches during my inter-school competitions. The MS program in Computer Science offered by the University of Toronto will undoubtedly provide me with the right knowledge, skills, and experience to pursue that dream and exploit the opportunities to the fullest extent. The practical orientation of your in-depth coursework will allow me to not only acquire a clear understanding of the subject but also the skills to execute it. I am confident my exposure to such initiatives would quite augment my knowledge base and add tremendous value in enabling me to realize my professional goals. Saying this, I conclude  my Statement Of Intent, awaiting for a positive reply.   

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