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The advancement of polymer composites utilizing reused or recyclable polymers is effectively sought after because of dangers of indeterminate oil supply sooner rather than later and ecological concerns. Natural fiber composites are proposed to substitute engineered fiber composites because of a few points of interest, for example, biodegradability, sustainability, recyclability, inexhaustible, penetrability, erosion protection, high level of adaptability, hygroscopicity, non-poisonous quality, capacity of surrendering dampness, no arrival of substances hurtful for wellbeing, non-disturbance to the skin, no unfavorably susceptible impact, focused mechanical properties, decreased vitality utilization, less abrasiveness to preparing hardware, and least waste transfer issues 1– 27. Be that as it may, the real downside of common strands based composites is the inconsistency between the hydrophilic regular filaments and the hydrophobic polymeric networks. Among the substantial sum agrarian product deposits, just a little amount of the build-ups was connected as family fuel or compost and the rest which is the significant segment of the deposits is singed in the field. Subsequently, it gives a negative impact on nature because of the air contamination 28. The crucial other option to take care of this issue is to utilize the horticulture deposits as fortification in the advancement of polymer composites 29. The present worry over the earth and ozone depleting substance discharges, common strands are progressively being considered as an ecologically inviting substitute for engineered filaments in the support of polymer based composites 30– 32. These days, plant strands are the most normally utilized common filaments for polymer composites and the fortifying these strands with polymers is to improve the mechanical properties of the materials 2,33. Among the numerous

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