evolution of plastic composites utilizing recyclable or recycled polymers is
extremely knowingly chased because of risks of cloudy oil supply within the
future and ecological concerns.  Organic
fiber composites are suggested to substitute artificial fiber composites thanks
a number of advantages like biodegradability, renewability, recyclability,
abundant, permeability, rust resistance, higher level of flexibility,
hygroscopicity, non-toxicity, convenience of giving moisture up, no discharge
of substances harmful to health, non-irritation into your epidermis without
contagious reaction, competitive mechanical components, reduced energy
consumption, less abrasiveness to processing supplies, along with minimal waste
disposal issues inch–27. 
Nevertheless, the significant drawback of pure fibers established
composites is that the incompatibility between your hydrophilic all-natural
fibers as well as also the hydrophobic polymeric matrices.  One of the massive amount agricultural
harvest residues, merely a little level of this residues has been employed as
household fertilizer or gas and also the others that’s the significant section
of the residues is burnt in the specialty. 
Because of this, it supplies a poor effect in the surroundings because
of the atmosphere pollution 28.  The
most critical solution to fix this challenge will be to make use of the farming
residues as reinforcement at the creation of plastic composites 2-9.   Now, plant fibers would be the mostly used
natural fibers for polymer composites along with also the strengthening these
fibers together with polymers would be always to improve the properties of these
substances 2,33.  One of the several
diverse sorts of organic resources, kenaf plants are broadly exploited on the
last few years 34,35 that really is just a really attractive option as a
result of the rapid growth on an extensive assortment of climatic situations
along with its own consequent low-cost 3 6.

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