The that ovaries release an initial factor 6

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The oocyte-induced behaviour inhibition
mechanism is initiated from the start of the process of maturation inside
female mosquitoes until after oviposition. The development of eggs occurs
between 25 to 30 hours after the digestion of a full blood meal. It has been
suggested that ovaries release an initial factor 6 – 12 hours after a full
blood meals. This initial factor is called an ecdysteroid, which is stimulates
the fat body to generate a haemolymph substance and therefore reduce the
sensitivity of lactic acid receptors. The reduction of this sensitivity inhibit
host-seeking behaviour starts again. Pre-oviposition is described as attraction
and orientation towards the oviposition site whereas the actual oviposition is
a deposition of eggs on the substrate. Some mosquito species exhibit morning
and evening oviposition flight. This species generally have two crepuscular
biting peaks. In Trinidad, Ae. aegypti showed
a diurnal pattern of oviposition activity which occurred 2 hours after sunrise
and 2 hours before sunrise, whereas in French Polynesia, Ae. aegypti oviposition peak occurred from noon to midnight.

ovipositional strategies have been found in nature. Mosquito genera such as Anopheles, Sabathes, Toxorynchitesand Wyeomyia lay their individual eggs on
the surface of water. Other genus such as Coquillettidia,
Culexand Culisetadirectly lay egg
rafts on the surface of water, whereas some Aedes
species and Psophoraspecies lay
their individual eggs on a substrate or above the water line. Some mosquitoes
attach their egg rafts to vegetation below the water surfaces. Mosquitoes
species that lay their egg on substrate above the water line are generally
resistant to desiccation. The eggs could survive form many month or even years,
especially when protected from direct sunlight and the hatching process
occurred when the source of water and suitable habitat for the development of
immature stages are available.

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