The Lead acid batteries have advantages like

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price of fuel is getting higher and higher day by day due to increase in its
demand. Therefore it is necessary to search for its replacement in order to
conserve the natural resource. In addition to this the depletion of environment
due to the burning of fossil fuels has also forced to design an environment
friendly design. Solar powered electric bicycle can be very helpful keeping all
these things in mind. Its power source is easily available and its operating
mechanism is very simple. It uses the electrical energy of battery to give
power to the hub motor which eventually runs the bicycle. The battery gets
charged with the help of solar energy. Photovoltaic cells are used to collect
solar energy to produce voltage to charge the battery. Since it uses electric
energy to operate so it is sometime also known as solar e-bike. The prime
objective is to make the bicycle durable so that it can last longer and
automatically gets recharged when not in use by renewable solar energy.
Generally two types of solar panels are used to collect solar energy i.e.- microcrystalline
solar panels and polycrystalline panels. Microcrystalline panels are more
efficient than polycrystalline panels. There are different batteries available
having their own merits and demerits which can be used in electric bicycle.
Among them lead acid and lithium ion are generally used in solar electric
bicycles. Lead acid batteries have advantages like higher capacity to carry
current, lower cost but are heavier and have small life period. On the other
hand lithium ion batteries have lower weight but are little heavier and also
there are chances of explosion.

project of solar powered electric bicycle encourages both use of renewable
energy and cleaner technology. It will operate on clean electrical energy
obtained from sun and has the potential to recharge the battery whenever solar
energy is available. It can also be operated by paddling when battery is not

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