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The protestant reformation was a religious movement in the 16th century created to reform the Roman Catholic Church . During this time period the church was very powerful in Western Europe and was in control of both political and religious issues .Fortunately a brave man by the name of Martin Luther was brave enough to speak up and prove to everyone that what the church was teaching was wrong leading up to the creation of the 95 thesis that started it all  .   The protestant reformation is one of the most historical movements in the history of christianity and although it took the lives of many overall it had many  positive outcomes. This historical event not only  helped create the opportunity for education but it also  revealed the  unpleasant truth about the selling of   indulgences . Everyone loves the feeling of accomplishing goals but without education that is a very  hard thing  to do . The protestant reformation was a positive event for many reasons but especially for  opening  doors to education opportunities .  During this time period people began to want welfare systems for the poor, and public schools. There was an excerpt written by luther that encouraged the idea that everyone deserves to have education and those who don’t have the money can pay them by helping out the church. Not only did this give people hope for education but it  revealed to them   that there were many  other ways for the church to obtain money.  A  founder of the Catholic Society of Jesus  by  the name of   Loyola,    also began to spread the idea that “each one should strive to make progress in learning”,  and that everyone deserves the chance to learn proper writing and grammar .  Before the reformation education was a privilege only the  wealthy obtained but after brave individuals spoke up and spread their ideas the system began to change . The teaching of reading and writing developed alongside the spread of Hope . Hope that their kids would have a better future and would be allowed to read the bible and have their own beliefs no longer having to be influenced by church officials . But most importantly it  allowed them everyone obtain the beautiful gift that is education . In our lives we always imagine the world is full  of lies witch is why to us humans the truth is one of the most  honorable and important things we can have  between one another  . Unfortunately half of western Europe was being lied to about the true meaning of indulgences .  The indulgences was a way for the  church to make the civilians believe that a simple piece of paper would remove their sins and be a pass into heaven  unfortunately  it was all a scam to collect more  money for the church.It is said that the first indulgence was sold in 1905 but it wasn’t until 1517 that Martin luther published the 95 thesis automatically causing people to begin doubting the church and their teachings . It is this event that started the reformation but it was also an eye opener to many people such as John Calvin revealing  that not everything they were being told was true . There was an Excerpt written by  Martin Luther  where he states that , he will not not accept the authority of popes and councils and will only follow the word of God.  .Another expert Martin luther wrote also stated that  the church is in the power of god alone so no shortcuts can be taken.  .Both of these experts are a strong example on  how  the reformation was such a positive  thing  by revealing the truth about  the indulgences .  When they uncovered the truth  this encouraged civilians in Western europe to have the courage to speak up for what they believed in . One of the most positive outcomes of this situation was   that   people were freely learning to interpret the bible without the influence of any priests . Also people began to realize that the only relationship that was important when getting into heaven was between them and god and that  no priests or church official could change that . Overall if your word is not your bond you lose a sense of security which is why one of the most positive outcomes of the reformation was allowing people to  learn the truth about the selling of indulgences  .Acording to research Humanism is what  gave Luther the chance to see an actual Bible and read the scriptures for himself  and later allowed him to communicate his ideas and belifs . After Martin luther  nailed  the 95 theses to a church door to officially announce his separation from the church many philosophical ideas began to develop  . After the reformation many more ideas revolving humanism began to form   such as paying more attention to what was written in the bible than the traditions  and beliefs they were being taught by  by religious authorities.  Similar to this there was  a  philosophical idea written by Michel de Montaigne  that spread the idea that  religion will do good and that by following all of the church demands you are in the right . Not only did this tell people that the church will help get rid of any bad habits or help cover them but that kindness will not come from only  following certain demands .  When this excerpt was written it shifted the attitude directed towards the reformation by giving people the sense that what was in the bible gives you more reliable information than what the church is handing out .  Also it revealed to them that religious division  is a good thing and you should want to help those in need even if they don’t have the same beliefs because in the end that has a bigger impact then following certain rules . Because of the reformation many humanists began to  believe that the church was to focused on  specific teaching styles and ceremonies instead of the connection between god and  human. Alot of times when people did not agree with this they belived the best thing to was kill the hereics .  There was  document written by a french preacher namesd Sebation Sastellio  in the 16th century that stated ” to kill a heretic is not to crush a doctine ,  It is to kill a man “. Most people in this time period  were  willing to do anything and hurt anyone to get what they want  so when this excerpt wa  written it completely changed the tone of the reformation by making it more positive . Although this was a small statement  its power was huge . It began to show humanists that  by killing those who have certain beliefs you’re not  killing the ideas and beliefs  in general it’s only killing an innocent human being so they have no reason to use murder as a solution to the issue . Although there were many more these  few philosophical  ideas were not only easier to control when these excerpts were published it also kept the attitude of the reformation not only relivent but posative . The power of choice is so important to us because it gives us a sense of control and power , a  sense that people in the 16th century did not have  .Today there are over 4,200 religions in the world and  out of those there are nearly 200 protestant religions. These religions include lutheran, baptist , orthodox and many more allowing us to have a choice in what we want to believe in  .   After the  positive historical event left its mark people began to feel a sense of control and freedom . The protestant reformation not only blessed civilians with with the gift of education and the truth it also opens doors to having individual control over what you practice, learn , teach and most importantly believe in .  

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