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The 9/11
attacks were a major attack in America costing the lives of many people.  Al Qaeda was the terrorist group responsible
for this attack.  Their leader was a man
named Osama Bin Laden and he was one of the organizers of the attack.  Bin Laden was on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted
Terrorist list and he was a target for War on Terror.  The US government had been tracking him for
many years and finally received evidence that could lead to his capture.  President Obama, who was the US President
from 2008-16 was responsible for the decision to execute this plan to capture
or kill Bin Laden.  I think this was a
risky but good decision that the US President had made.

            In the fall of 2010, the CIA had
found a lead that could give them some type of contact with Bin Laden.  This was after a couple of years where this
was hidden behind many other problems of the world.  It didn’t take super complicated tricks and
ideas to find there wanted man but it took lots of detective work by the
CIA.  In December of 2010, they had a
location of Bin Laden.  In February of 2011,
then Joint Special Operations Commander was called to acquire help on beginning
to plan to strike the compound where Bin Laden was in Pakistan.  After this, they had brought President Obama
and his national security team to debate on whether or not to take on the
mission to strike the compound.  The most
concerning the idea of this strike were the political consequences of failure
and anything else that could happen and end up with poor results of the
mission.  The other factor was that they
were not one hundred percent positive that Bin Laden was actually at the
compound, they still needed evidence. 

            This strike could have been executed
in many different ways including a special operations raid, bombs, or a small
drone strike that The President had to make the choice of.   With these options there was the
disadvantage of not knowing if Bin Laden was actually killed or not.  The President and his surrounding advisers
and peers had all taken note of what could go badly and how to handle any
situation that went poorly.  Which all
came into the idea of if this was a good idea or not.  The raid had posted the greatest chance to
make sure they captured Bin Laden and possibly get some information about Al
Qaeda.  If anything were to go wrong a
number of troops could possibly get captured and taken prisoner.  The President agreed that the major concern was
what they all accounted for. 

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The President is the one who has the authority to execute the
raid.  While the President was at a
dinner he went around the table asking each person of what they believe they should
do.  Which I believe is a smart choice to
do when you’re holding a very important mission in your hands to execute or
not.  Joe Biden was against the
operation, two people were for the drone option and everyone else said it was a
tough call but were in favor of the raid. 
From that point, The President who held the decision to this choice said
he would make a decision in the next twenty-four hours.  After one person was persuaded to swing his
opinion towards the raid option, he asked for someone to inform The
President.  Right after that, the
President had made the decision to execute the plan and go for Bin Laden.  The President had a tough choice to make but
listening to his colleagues was the right thing to do and got the job done.

The President in this situation was the deciding factor between
being uncertain of Bin Laden’s death after the mission or what happens if
something goes wrong and the troops are captured.  These are hard decisions to make for one
person, which I believe is why this was a positive thing that The President had
done and how he took action.

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