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The Harlem Stride Style, is best known as a new form of piano playing. This new form initially began during the Harlem Renaissance. Again tool that established the differences between poor and the elite black community. Traditional jazz bands made up of mainly brass instruments were considered to be a symbol of the South. Where as the piano was considered to be an instrument primarily used by the wealthy. With having such a different distinction to the existing genre, the wealthy African Americans were now considered to have the access they needed to jazz music. Such popularity took off and spread throughout the entire country. As with all performers having access to such innovation was vitally important for performers. Musicians at the time showed great talent and didn’t at all mind competition. MAny African American musicians were looked upon as having paved the way for our next generation of musicians.  This was a time seen as when the blacks musical style was becoming more interesting by far more americans that stretched far beyond blacks. Unfortuniatly, this was also a time that created opportunity for musicians to be exploited. Some composers were seen to use written context such as poems that had been written by other African American poets in their songs. This happened along while the foundational context of the African American harmonies, and melodies remained. They incorporated styles such as blues, spirituals, and jazz into their concert pieces. African Americans also began to merge with artists in the classical world of musical composition, which had long been popular among white audiences.  Even while including the most famous African-American musicians of the time, they were still highly by the idea of the “New Negro”.  Through employing the idea of the “New Negro,” the image of African-Americans in American art music changed from a stereotype to a depiction of people of African descent as significant contributors to the American cultural landscape. With the Harlem Renaissance moving forward completely , jazz evolved into the “people’s” music. The Harlem Renaissance music meant more than just music, it was seen as a way of life. It touched all the African American creative arts. While its participants were determined to truthfully represent the African American experience and believed in racial pride and equality, they shared no common principle. By at least one measure, its success was clear: “the Harlem Renaissance was the first time that a considerable number of mainstream publishers and critics took African American music seriously, and it was the first time that African American music and its composers and the arts attracted significant attention from the nation at large.Impact on music today The black culture that we can see around us today comes from many different aspects. There are many different factors to the way black people go about their life today. Their popular music during the harlem renaissance contributed to modern black society. The Harlem Renaissance is the origin of the black culture we see today. “The black community began to gain huge self esteem in a massive wave of solitude and stability” (African American literature).  This is significant because this led the black culture to be so open and free in today’s culture. The mindset of freedom is the reason why rap and hip hop lyrics can say or mean whatever they want. Much of the music today is about sex and illegal activities that have been under expressed until now. Another reason for the jump in popularity is because rather than soul and R&B, hip hop and rap are now the popular music produced by black people. Hip Hop/ Rap This genre of music used today stems from the path paved by the artists during the Harlem Renaissance. Like the Harlem Renaissance, hip-hop was a former musical expression and artistic culture that originated in African-American communities in New York and the inner cities. Both Hip-hop and Jazz are music genres that were made by influential African Americans. Hip-hop transcended from the same musical techniques used by African American Jazz creators back then. You can see how the same unique styles used in Harlem , are still relevant today. Jazz and Hip-hop both use the style of “improvisation”. Hip-Hop primarily uses improvisation when freestyling verses. These styles and techniques live on through this generation’s popular Hip-Hop artists such as Future, Drake. And Kendrick Lamar. Conclusion:The African American community had a outstanding impact in the music industry during the Harlem Renaissance. They developed many new music styles, techniques, and cultural aspects that come into play with their influence on the music. Many different artists and composers became popular during this time period and in the process, they influenced other artist and their music. These artists were a part of the most significant, intellectual and artistic trends of the twentieth century American history. Their impact on the music industry was not their end. Their influence on music shifted the culture during this era as well.  Music was a prominent feature of the African American culture. In our musical genre today you can see the structure in the music that began in as early as 1920. Many young artists in today’s culture continue to sample music from other artists who paved the way for them. Although the music was of decades ago, it still carries heavy influence in the heart’s and the mind’s of many people. Our current generation as respect for musical artists of our history. These past composers and creators of Jazz and the Blues, built something that would not only drastically change the way they enjoyed music back then, but would completely influence future artists from across the world for years to come. These musicians played a significant role in influencing the music industry. With the important Harlem Renaissance Era, came musicians that we associate to this movement. No aspect of the Harlem Renaissance shaped America and the entire world as much as Jazz did. Jazz is the foundation of every musical sound. Without jazz we wouldn’t have the music we love today. The unique styles and techniques used by these influential musicians will be used and praised forever, the black community played a significant role in changing America as we know it. African Americans should be so proud of how they are represented in musical history. Not only did the black community strengthen the music industry during this period, but they also gave confidence and power to the African American culture. To them it wasn’t just about the music industry it was about its effect on the culture.

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