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The leadership in an organization is the main source
of values and ethical practices which are to be emulated by other
employees.  Therefore, it is important
for an organization to develop strong common values, beliefs and behavior from
top leadership to the subordinate employees. 
The unification of values and behavior within the organization help in
development and maintenance of a strong or healthy culture. The aspects in the
article could be applied through good leadership and management. In connection
with the Kouzes and Posner concepts of good leadership, strong culture of
encouraging, recognizing and rewarding good values/ practices should be applied
through work empowerment and job satisfaction.

and Integration

According to Kouzes and
Posner leadership is about the behavior and not the personality of a person (Kouzes & Posner, 2006). It is not an inborn
quality but which can be learned. Furthermore, advanced leaders practice the
concepts which encourage sincerity and recognition of subordinates’ success.
The concepts include challenging the process, way modeling, inspiring of a
shared vision and allowing others to act (Kouzes & Posner, 2006). In this article,
emphasizes has been put on the actions, strategies, leadership style of a
leader which help in building and sustaining healthy culture (developing good
behaviors and practices in an organization). The articles also point out that a
leader is supposed to recognize, reward and be a role model to desired
practices and behavior (healthy culture). 
The article connects to Kouzes and Posner text in that individuals might
not have the leadership personalities but if they invest in healthy culture in
their organizations then they have high chances of succeeding as leaders. It
also connects with the concepts which are supposed be practiced by excellent

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and Posner Kouzes and Posner


The articles bring out
important themes in relation to culture and its benefits in any organization
set up. The idea of culture as the real deal in the formation of organization
value is interesting. In my opinion, an organization ought to build and sustain
a healthy culture which maximizes the workers’ performance through the formation
of a conducive, working environment. On the other hand, unhealthy cultures
should be eliminated or avoided because they creates stressful and tense
non-functioning working environment.

Opinion and Position

The culture influences
both internal and external success, performance and effectiveness of an
organization (Warrick, 2017). Therefore, a strong
culture brings many benefits to the organization. However, the cultures are a
tailored according to the kind of leadership a specific organization has.
Leaders influence the culture through the examples and strategies they set, and
values and leadership styles they have. Advanced leaders contribute to the
building and sustaining a strong culture and vice versa. Excellent leadership
advocates concepts practices which are sincere and ethical. For example, giving
clear guidelines, celebrating success with others, reward and recognition of
best performer could improve the performance or productivity of employees
because they feel being part of a business/project.


Identify, educate, communicate and engage
workers in cultural ideas

Utilizes symbols, socialization,
ceremonies and stories to back up culture

Recognize and rewards desired practices
and behaviors

Manages and mentors the culture

Are role models of the desired values and

Align the organization planning or
strategies, policies and decision making with the culture

View culture training and development as
one of their major tasks of organization’s activities

The organization leaders who benefit from the positive
impacts of culture are the one who;


According to the author,
the culture influences the success, performance and effectiveness of an
organization. It also affects the motivation, morale and the output of
employees. Good leadership is about personal behavior and values. Development
of leadership values and proper behavior contributes to the formation of a
strong culture among the leader and people being led. Leaders and managers are
the first points of reference when determining the culture of a particular
organization because their style of leadership affects the culture(s) in one
way or the other. Furthermore, culture is a virtue that is learned, developed
and actualized over a period of time. Therefore, it requires a lot of
continuous invest in training, maintaining and regulation.

Methods of building and sustaining culture
in an organization

Role of leadership/management in building
and sustaining culture in an organization

Factors that influence culture in an

The relationship between leadership/management
and the culture

Impacts of culture on the organizations’

In this article, the following themes are brought out;


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