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In 1775, war broke out between the British and the American colonists. By 1776, the colonists had declared their independence, and after eight years of a prolonged and bloody war, in 1783 Britain was forced to recognize the independence of the United States. Many people never thought that the Americans would win the battle. Their chances of winning were very little at the beginning. The British should have won the Revolution easily because their government was the most powerful in the world at that time. But due to key American military victories and advantages, the British were defeated. There are certain inevitabilities about American success.
First, there is the domestic enthusiasm in the United States. Americans went to war to defend the inalienable rights of man to life, liberty. It had only one objective to accomplish to win the Revolution, and that was to hold out until the end of the war. The Americans could do this because they were fighting for their freedom, which was of great importance to them. The war took place on American soil; they were fighting at home, so the British had to bring troops and supplies from across a wide ocean, which favored the Americans by making it hard on Britain to control their troops. Also, the war was unpopular in Britain, which did not encourage their people to want to fight. Second, the founding father–Washington’s leadership was another one of the main factors in American success. It seems fair to say that the American Revolution could hardly have succeeded without him. He was honest, brave, and sure that the Americans could win. He never gave up hope that he would reach that goal. “I can answer but for three things, a firm belief in the justice of our Cause, close attention in the prosecution of it, and the strictest integrity” (1967 p28). He used his steadfast but badly equipped armies to weaken the forces of the king. Time and again when defeat seemed unavoidable, his strategy turned t…

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